Oh Boy... Hubby is going to KILL me! lol I got another bag..

  1. Hello Ladies.. I have been dying for the perfect placement of a Pirata Denaro (with one of the pirates with a sparrow) and after looking everywhere and not finding it except on eBay for $99 + shipping. I got a Pirata Bocce for $88 with shipping.. here's the pics of the bag

    I :heart: the placement because it also has the large pirate with tattoos, the mermaid, pirate ship, and sparrows! I :heart: it.. And it's so pretty that I dont mind that I paid retail because none of the outlets had that placement so I am happy.:yahoo: But now I am a tad bit scared for when hubby sees the bills.. :push:...
  2. Beautiful! Great bag with great placement!
  3. friday, i called the seattle outlet to order the adios star gioco with the pink latte on the front. it had been on hold for me, but they lost it when i called to pay for it. i was sad and my boyfriend got me an adios star zucca instead. i got a call this afternoon from tiffany saying she found my pink latte gioco. gah, so my boyfriend bought me that one, too. i feel guilty. oh and he called me a junkie. bwhahaha.
    you got your bocce for a great price, so your husband should be proud? hehe.
  4. LoL... he's cheap so he wont be proud... :lol:... But congrats Woah.. You have a sweet bf... :tup:
  5. Congrats! I never know how to use such small bags, what do you carry in them anyway?
  6. cute congrats!! i like the blue mermaid :biggrin:

    woah: what a sweet bf!!
  7. sweet and perhaps insane? hehe. if it wasn't for him i wouldn't have as many bags as i do!

  8. Thanks ;).. This will be my first small bag but I thought I'll use it like a wallet and I could also use it when I need just a small hand bag... I'll find a way to use it... hehe :happydance:
  9. congrats on your pirata bocce!! The placement is perfect :biggrin:
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. the placement is perfect!!