Oh Boy ! Grandma Lohan, Daughter Dina & Granddaughter Ali, Filming Their Show In NYC

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  1. Ali Lohan, mother Dina and Grandma were spotted gallivanting in Harlem on Thursday filming scenes for their E! reality show 'Livin’ Lohan'

  2. Ali looks like she's 25

    Poor Grandma looks like she is being strong armed to participate....
  3. ^^^^^^^^^ Lol!! She does too!!!:lol:
  4. Leave Grandma home, can't you see she doesn't wanna? :roflmfao:
  5. :lol: :yes:
  6. Ali Lohan kind of sickens me :/ She's just trying SO HARD to look older, she just looks ugly.
  7. :lol:

    a show i'm most definitely not going to watch. :lol:
  8. So true :roflmfao: Poor woman, I feel sorry for her :sad:
  9. Isn't Aliana like 14 or 15?? Why is she trying so hard to look older?
  10. Couldn't they get Linds on the show? Was the next best thing forcing dear old granny on it? Poor lady -an E! show I WON'T be watching, that's for sure
  11. Crap, ali looks so damn old! I almost cant believe she's 14!!
  12. She does look old. Grandma looks very unhappy. I wonder who is going to watch this show? I just don't see it being very good. I know I have no interest...
  13. I agree. This is ridiculous and Ali needs to just be a young teen!
  14. i think she looks better than Britney's sister though.
  15. Oh ! I thought that maybe perhaps I would give it a shot. :shame: