oh boy... can you give me some insight?

  1. I am writing this with sweaty palms (sorry for the graphic..) because I really shouldn't be feeling this way. I have just recently acquired my First Prada! A Nappa Gauffre in Camello. (Thanks for the extra help Jill) And today I get my first ever Neiman Marcus catalog (never rec'd them before) and inside it is this beautiful Brown Washed Leather Framed Satchel...... In the photo of the catalog it looks really amazing - like I can almost smell the leather from looking at the pages and it also looks very squishy, a bit more pebbled if you will, and maybe even a bit more rugged than the nappa gauffre that I have. Should I be thinking about an exchange? GULP!! I can't believe I am evening thinking this, or what are your thoughts? This is where the "support group" part of all of this comes in... and thanks in advance. Tell me what I should be doing....:sweatdrop:
  2. Having just got one, I love the gauffre... so light, easy to carry... but this is just day one! I will look at the NM catalog and see! Good luck!
  3. The gauffre is WAY nicer,IMHO....It holds up better too

    CONGRATS on the gauffre!!!!!sOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YA!!!
  4. Hmmm...that is a very pretty bag...it looks a bit more casual than a gauffre - at least, it's more casual that mine - I have the napa gauffre satchel in cera - just like Jill and Emmy. I think I like the gauffre better - any gauffre - it's a bit more "stylish" - but it's up to you!

  5. I vote for the Gauffre!

    It's so unique and the leather is so gorgeous-looking. I think you will love it forever. :yes:
  6. I have both of the bags above, so I am no help! I love them both (actually I have two gauffres). The washed leather is definitely a more casual, toss around bag. So it depends more on your lifestyle and way of dressing. The gauffre can dress up or down IMO.
  7. Bis..You're the bomb!!! I was just going to ask what page the Prada bag was on (I have the catalogue here at work lol!).....I like the gauffre better...But of course I'm partial b/c I have it!! (..and I just love it!!)

    If you are still unsure about the 2 bags..I say order the other one so you can compare side by side..then make your decision and send one back..I know it's hard....But we all understand here...I have a bag in my shopping cart as we speak and just don't have the nerve to hit the 'submit' button..I'll be fretting about it all day!! :sad:
  8. Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts. There are just some things you can only discuss with the people here - any one else would think you were crazy and way too OCD! Which I probably am but that's a whole different forum....
    Thanks to Bisbee to for getting the photos up there! I am very computer challenged at times.
    Well - I bought the gauffre from Prada in Manhasset. Anyone familiar with them? I might call them and see what the chances are of an exchange, and then take Emmy's advice and try to see the other on IRL to compare. THat is the trouble for me - I live no where close to anywhere that I can see these bags IRL. And it is hard to make these decisions on phone conversations and photos. I love this gauffre, but I am almost afraid to use it, it seems so delicate. That is kind of why the other one might appeal to me more. Maybe less of a worry - I don't know - I am driving myself crazy! :weird:

  9. ^ I totally feel your pain!!! The shopping is the same here..I rely on mailorder, pics, word of mouth, of course the PF...to buy bags..I have no choice but to order them and end up sending them back..It's hard to tell if a bag would look good on you based on just a pic..Plus, I have found things like straps falling off shoulders etc can only be tested IRL...I know I know...It's the price we pay for our addiction lol!!! I would order the other bag and don't make any decisions until you get them both side by side....:smile:
  10. Well I contacted the Prada boutique and she was going to call me back and didn't - so I don't know if that means that they got busy, she forgot, or she wants me to forget! I just feel like if I got to see one IRL - I would have peace of mind and make a decision that is right for me.
    BTW Emmy - did you get the bag you had in your shopping cart?
  11. ^ oh yeah!! I totally caved!! I hope she's in good shape..b/c it's exactly what I've been looking for...Didn't you hear the primal scream as I clicked the submit button?! :nuts: I would keep trying to get that bag in your hands to compare..You have to get it out of your system so you can let it rest...or buy both..:p That will work too!!!