1. Well we wanted color :nuts: My Mom got an email from Daphne about 30 minutes ago. The Aquamarine Days and Firsts have arrived. She had Daphne compare the the color to Blue India and '05 Turquoise and she said it is definately almost like '05 Turquoise. No City or Twiggy bags yet, but they are on their way any day now.

    Are you ready? Here it is!! A beautiful Caribbean blue in the dead of winter. Isn't it pretty? :love:

  2. AWESOME!! I can't wait to see more pictures!
  3. Omgggggg... you serious it's already here?! :wtf: And it's more like 05 turqy??!! :nuts: Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. :wtf: :nuts: Makes me want to dive right in!!! Gorgeous shade of blue....very refreshing!! Love it!
  5. Is there any green undertone to it or just blue and gray?
  6. That is beautiful!!!!
  7. EEEEEEEPPPPPPPSSSSS! Its gorgeous!!
  8. Apparently she laid the bag up against Blue India and a swatch of Turquoise 2005 and said it is almost exactly like Turquoise '05 but a tiny bit lighter.
  9. oh its so pretty, but man am i glad i didn't take the SA's word for it at Bal NY and wait for Aqua instead of BI. i love my BI and it's nothing like turq...i'd be bummed if i waited to see this one and it was this turq. i love turq but not THAT much!!!
  10. PP, thanks for posting. The color is TDF! Are you getting one now that you have the '05 Turquoise?
  11. OMG OMG OMG!!! Can't wait to get one!!! WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!

    Thanks so much powderpuff100!!!
  12. More pictures? (like one w/o the flash) :shame:
  13. What a pretty colour! It'll be interesting to see more pics because from previous pics and the swatches - it didn't look like 05 turq at all.

    How I wish I lived in New York and could make trips to BalNY all the time!
  14. Wait is this also called cobalt? Not what I expected, this is gorgeous! Thanks powder for the pic :smile:
  15. :nuts: :nuts: I think I've found my next Day purchase!:love: Thanks for posting!