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  1. Just got off the phone woth LP...and literally BEGGED them to consider doing a little sample sale action on line for us gals that can't make it. She sympathized but said the inventory is not there and that there is not even one ounce of a chance there will be one this time around....She said that"maybe" one in Dec or Jan if there is enough stuff leftover.....

    Ok, I am really gonna cry now...:crybaby:

    Just when we actually have our own forum to hang out during one, too!
  2. man, that just stinks.... darn it - maybe they should run a TPF sample sale online for us!!! that would be a dream eh? I really wanted to hit the 20 bag mark for LP's.... i kid, i kid....
  3. I got that email this morning and I almost died! Then I saw that it was in person only... My GBIL's are like 15 minutes from there so I called and LMTCB. Maybe they would go for us?

  4. you are so lucky !!!
  5. remember we don't allow people to have any transactions, this INCLUDES someone picking up items for others and being paid back.
  6. ms. lizardo- i also called yesterday begging for them to put a little online... sadly, they didn't budge for me either
  7. YES Wolfy......can we send them our shopping list??
    Or have them just pick for us?? Damn...I could SCREAM that we can't be there!! :cursing:

    OOPS sorry Swanky....I was just kidding anyway....me bad!

  8. Jen, I am surprised actually.:wtf: They could do a private sample sale link like HH did....I mean come on they would make SO MUCH MONEY from us...LOL

  9. They should have an online sample sale for tPFers only! :yes:
  10. Well, thanks so much for trying, gals. I suppose the best that we can hope for is that maybe there will be a few more LP bags on *bay at a decent price. I still have two live.com transactions that I'd like to use along with a 10% off coupon.

  11. That would be the best idea!!! Should we bombard them w/ calls for this? I mean we have given them alot of business.... A lot....
  12. Haha that is so true, if it wasn't for the purse forum i wouldn't have discovered LP.


  13. oh me too for sure.... and honestly they are now the most represented in my closet - next to Coach.... :smile:

    is it odd, but i want more of the older styles too - i would love some additional colors of the angies and gillians and lola's....
  14. I also am eyeing on the older style like the piper and the lola. Could only wish either they bring it back or find some one ebay.

  15. Ciatta....you know that they increased it to 6 Live.com discounts, right?
    I was surprised to see that change. We can now get 6 at $200, instead of 3 at $250 max.:yahoo: