Oh Beyond The Rack you have such amazing "deals"...

  1. Yep sure looks like a fantastic deal to me! Which one should I get? The one that is on sale for $14 more than the original price, or the one that is $139.99 more than the original price! :p :roflmfao:

    EDIT: I guess the pic doesn't show up too well with the prices and TPF kept making me resize it. The first bag shows that it was originally $2500.00 marked "down" to $2634.99, and the second one shows that it was originally $85.00 marked "down" to $99.99...
    what a deal!.jpg
  2. Interesting...I never noticed that!
  3. I was checking to see if there was anything cute I could use as a school bag since I have a credit that has been sitting in my account forever...needless to say I think I may go check out the thrift stores tomorrow LOL!
  4. :lolots:
  5. ^The best part is I saw the second bag or one similar at Holt Renfrew the other day for $88!
  6. I noticed that they are not much cheaper than Amazon or even overstock. I don't see the hype with their "sale" so I have only bought from them once.
  7. I have registered but never shopped from them. Not worth at all
  8. lol!!!! Thank you so much for making me smile. Some of these 'mark downs' are incredible.
  9. I signed up during a promotion ages ago where they gave you an automatic $25 credit...Well the credit is still sitting there years later because nothing just seems like a good deal especially with shipping to Canada. I can get better deals waiting for stuff to go on sale in store.
  10. :lolots:
  11. :lol:
  12. I never find any good deals there for me...
  13. I've noticed this stuff too! They always overprice and I can never find anything I like. I've basically just stopped looking at their "sales."
  14. Their prices are too high in what they say retail is. I saw some Crystal Rock clothing. Few months ago one their site withe them posting the t-shirts were 135-145 retail and they were selling them for 19-29.00. The shirts retailed for under 35.00 on the Crystal Rock website with a sale of 19.00 and up so I realized that they did not show anything to close to true retail price for these things. I don't even bother looking or buying from this site anymore.