Oh Bespoke Bags Where Art Thou?????

  1. Ok so you can probably tell that I am bored, fed up, impatient, itchy fingered, looking at all these great deals going about, thinking 'should I, shouldn't I'..and all because I need something to fill the time until my bespoke bags are here, but when oh when will that be???? Keep on frantically checking my e-mails like a woman posessed in the hope of getting a order shipped confirmation with tracking number, but nothing..Somebody throw me a bone!!!!:push:
  2. Hahahaha!! Patience, dear mk78......not long now, it'll be worth the wait! ;)
  3. Hey MK! What's happening in your neck of the world???

    Tash can entertain us! And Jenova has a wicked sense of humour! CB can make the drinks (no, it's never too early), and hey....Suzi will let us do what we want, so no worries! Oh, and TG can tell us some spooky stories....I hear she writes really well (shhhh!) ;) Ms Lizardo can sing and dance, and Savvy, well, she needs one of these :bagslap: to wake up first.
  4. Hahahaha!! Come on ladies, what do you want to do to pass the time......wanna see more men......preferably under 40!! OK, OK any will do!!! :nuts:

    Or, we can discuss what we're all doing for christmas!! :p
  5. Ok, ok, let me think, urm, men under 40? Or 30 :graucho:
  6. Ok I'll go first, ever since the prequel to batman, I really like the look of Christian Bale, oh and really really like Eric Bana from Troy, I thought he totally eclipsed Brad Pitt in that
  7. Then there's Clive Owen..such a dark horse, personally though he would have made a better bond than Daniel Craig, but that's just me
  8. Hello?!! :tumbleweed:
  9. Eric Bana ROCKED in Troy! I remember him more than Pitt in that one!

    How about Henry VIII aka Jonathan Rhys Myers from the Tudors!
  10. Well, I don't think old craggy face DC should have been the next Bond, my man GB should have been. BUT, Clive Owen comes in a close second!! :nuts:

    Is Eric Bana the one from the Hulk??
  11. Never seen Troy! But, JRM is too pretty-boy looking. I like 'em rough and rugged, and to look like MEN! :drool:
  12. I hear you! I'm the same. Pretty perfect in that "un-perfect" way.
  13. You know I can't actually think of many men off the top of my head, that 'do' anything for me!! hahaha!! I think Matthew McConaughey is quite nice, and so is Hugh Jackman.
  14. I also love Owen Wilson....unperfect nose and all!
  15. ^^He was hilarious in Starsky and Hutch!