"Oh Bellboy!" Bring on the rainbow of LITTLE MEN!!!!

  1. *Warning Long* Ok, retarded title yes, BUT I AM SO EXCITED so I went to the LV store today in toronto, and I had prepaid for the porte monnaie ronde, the compact Zippe, red agenda and blue keychain. I got a call saying the last of the four items came in (didnt wanna make the 30 min trek each time a new item came in, I think it was the agenda that came last) and I went down to pick them all up with my dad who wanted to come too. So we get there and I saw the Pocheete Cles and I FELL IN LOVE. I never saw the use of the cles! NOW I DO! ITS AMAZING. So I got that too. So excited about my wittle gwoomies!!! So cute, There was pretty much nothing left according to my LOVELY S.A martin, and I got one of the last cles' as well. So I picked up all five and looked at the keepall which I will be getting in a week or so, and put my name down for the pumpkins but I am not so sure about them anymore, they really dont do for me what they did initally, so I dont think so, I dont c the point in spending $260 for something I dont love. Anyways I left the Porte Monnaie Ronde and keychain in my dads car! :cursing: I dont know how but I think the bag may have tipped over as we were driving, so I will get them from him later, anyways Here are the three that I have and are the one's I am using anyways (the other 2 I bought because of the collector in me and the ronde is gonna be the most popular and it's 2 cute 2 pass up) so here are some of my new babies! The colours are so bright and vivid! Martin told me they silk screened EACH item 12 TIMES! 12 coats of paint on each piece! I think they will be a little more hardy than the older L.E piece's imo.

    Can U Belive my cell phone took these pics!!!! :yes:


    I AM SOOO HAPPY! but it's so sad, right before I even paid I was already thinking about buying my new keepall and utah omaha messenger! :noggin:
  2. Congrats.... You are now a Grommie Groupie!!!
  3. So cute! Congratulations!!
  4. I am so jealous :smile: Congrats!!!
  5. very cute! they all look awesome!:yes:
  6. Adorable!:love: I didn't originally like this range but after seeing eveyone's beautiful pics now I WANT Groom stuff.:graucho:
  7. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: Aren't they cute:love: ENJOY!!!!

  8. OMG I LOVEEEE THEM! I CAN'T STOP STARING!!!! :love: how's your wallet treatin' u lee? :P But I am SOO bad I want my new keepall now. I want an ouvea, U think they may have more left within the company?
  9. They all are adorable :love:
    Yummmmmmmmmy :yahoo:
  10. They are gorgeous, gongratulations!!
  11. Hehehe me too.:love: Lucky you...can't wait to see your Keepall:graucho: . I'm ban from LV till end of year now:sweatdrop:. Do you mean they'll have any Groom left?
  12. HEY! If I guess how many almonds in that glass thing do I win all your stuff?:yahoo:
  13. Irishgal, you are so funny! My LV didn't have the agendas! She said they ran out! Anyways, congrats they are sooo beautiful.
  14. Thanks guys, I belive there are a few more agenda's in the blue and yellow at the toronto Bloor location I am sure they will ship it to you when more reds come i which is supposed to be soon, the red agenda is the most popular colour so that's why they are selling fast. Lee I meant if U think there will be anymore Ouvea keepalls left in ANY of the LV's (they will bring one from another boutique if there is one left sumwhere else right?)
  15. YAY RISHIN!!!!!!

    You got a great groom collection there !!! I love this line (obviously!), but when I went to pick up my stuff I couldn't help but make a mental list of stuff that I want next. Topping the list is a Keepall 55 and the Messenger GM Bosphore. After all , you have to have something to look forward to .. right?