Oh Bah!

  1. I just got back from another meal of fondue - I gotta STOP eating this or else this is going to become a new addiction! At this rate, I'm going to look like a giant yoga ball by the end of the year:lol: I mean, not even the most fabulous Hermes bag can help me if that happens

    NEways, what sort of prompted another food therapy was some Hermes-related news. Earlier this year I made some impulse buys which I later returned and received a 11K store credit.:shocked: Since one of the items I was looking for is a rigide Kelly 28cm, the manager said if she could get enough quota to order one for the store, I'll be the first in line to get it ...

    As it turned out, she couldn't place the order due to insufficient quota allowance for the store. Wah, so I'm STILL stuck with the 11K credit which I cannot really use for anything else. I cannot cash it out either ...:crybaby: I'm depressed, this is going to be an interminable wait ... Bah~~
  2. Cheer up, Kou, something will pop up I know you'll like. Just keep your eyes open.
  3. Kou, don't be upset, your hermes boutique could easily get a fushia birkin in ostrich (with gold hardware;) ) and your credit will be VERY handy!:yes:
  4. I hope you can find something you LOVE at Hermes soon. Store credit is good for only 1 year...
  5. yeah, cheer up Kou!!! :smile: I hope you'll get to use your $11K store credit for a beautiful fuchsia ostrich Birkin!
  6. Thanks everyone!! I'm hoping for a fuchsia ostrich rigide Kelly 28cm with gold hardware from that particular store, since the 11K will definitely cover that amount pretty well~~:flowers:
  7. kou-Don't you have fushia ostrich Kelly already? Maybe I am confused...
  8. Cheer up Kou!

    Your dream bag will appear the moment you least expect it ... and then it's like free since you have credit already! :lol:
  9. But I wanted one that's in size 28cm and rigide and in ostrich. Since I have the 11K credit, I'll have to get that particular bag through that store ... I'm really concerned about the duration of store credit as well, that's a lot of money to lose, but I can't just spend 11K on random things ...
  10. Kou, have you also bought from Beverly Hills? Would they do a special order for you?
  11. Kou - What a bummer! So do they really stick to the "one year" rule with your credit? I mean, what if they don't have a bag you want?
  12. oh dear, I hope you find something you love soon, did your SA say how long the credit lasts?
  13. Kou, you have a full 12 months, which gives you untill early next year?
    in that time, they should be able to get a kelly or birkin in that color.
    If not, worst case scenario in the 11.5 month of credit, when your time is almost up, why not load up, on croc fushia wallet...about$3500,
    and agenda about $2800, scarves, maybe shoes, other fushia accessories? I would also ask if they could do a store search for you, and transfer one to the store, I have heard it done in special occasions, and well, they already have your money, so to me that is a special occasion! I would not ask the SA for this, I would go in, fabulously dressed, and ask to speak to the manager:flowers:
  14. Kou- what if you called the store manager or talk to your SA about your store credit, and how you are very concerned that you could not special order the Kelly you wanted. Although I have no idea if Hermes will do any of this- but maybe the store will be more motivated to try and find you a bag from another store, or call you as soon as anything comes in, or give you additional time to use your store credit?

    I am sure that something will come in within that time anyway that just sweeps you off your feet!!!
  15. Kou, I would definitely speak to the store manager. I'm sure they will be able to work something out since you are a good customer. In any event I hope your dream bag shows up soon!!!! :yes: