Oh Anya, not again!

  1. So, here I am trying to finish an important paper to meet a pressing deadline by 'working at home' and I decide to just drop by the Anya Hindmarch website. Big mistake.:sos: There, on a rainy November afternoon, I discover this . . .The Ebury Small Ebury Pigskin - Anya Hindmarch

    And it gets worse, there is a bespoke Ebury option where you choose your own leather, hardware and everything.

    I logged off quickly, but :drool: I just can't stop thinking about those Ebury bags and am really struggling with the paper. . . talk to me, what do you think?
  2. I absolutely love them!
    The quality is amazing,the leather is beautiful.....*sigh* now I want one, too!
  3. love it too! the white/ivory one is pretty!
  4. I'm so glad it's not just me! I love them soooooooooo much and my plight is made worse by having a AH Carker bag already so knowing that the quality is exquisite. I am really struggling to keep my credit cards under control here!
  5. Lovely bags...... may make a great laptop case??
  6. GORGEOUS! I love that bag. I'm not going to help your credit cards, because I think it's exquisite :drool:
  7. What's that saying about people having to want to be helped . . .! You just fed an addiction that was ready to see food wherever she shops . . .Fortunately, I am still trying to finish that paper - honestly:angel: , so my cards are safely in my purse (which is what I, as a British girl call the place I keep my money, rather than my handbag!) and they willl stay there until I have submitted this piece to the journal I've been avoiding this week. . . But once, that is done . . .Oh boy, I see temptation ahead . . .:heart:
  8. Ooh, you have a Carker? What color is it? I've only ever seen pics, and they do look great.

    I know what you mean though, my Mom has the Mackeson (I never knew what it was called until today), and it's her favorite bag ever. She's always on the lookout for AH now.
  9. Lovely bags! I love the color.
  10. She makes great bags. That one's so classy!
  11. I do have a Carker and I adore it. It is black and beautiful. It is certainly my favourite bag of the moment and I don't anticipate wanting to pass it on ever. I get so many questions about it, including from the SA in the Chanel store on Sloane Street who reckoned it was 'gorgeous and more her style' than the bags she sells everyday . . .Hope she wasn't overheard :wtf:

    I was thinking of getting the Carker in cream once I have enough ££ but I am thinking of the Ebury now.

    I can't recommend AH highly enough - the bags are divine and really unsurpassed quality. They tick all my preferred design boxes and just go with anything. Sigh, do you think I'm in :heart: ?!
  12. hi miss sooky... can the carker can be worn on the shoulder? is it heavy and bulky? it seems like a big bag! thanks... i love the simple classy design!
  13. Those bags are gorgeous! Love the petrol croc
  14. Oh my. That is a lovely bag indeed.
    Are those dimensions in inches or cm? If it's inches, that's not small!
  15. Hi Muppy, it comes with an optional shoulder strap which I immediately packed away in the dust bag as I think this bag is too big to look good on the shoulder. It is a big bag and I use it everyday to go to and from the office. I can comfortably fit in my laptop plus multiple books, papers etc. It doesn't feel bulky or heavy though even when I have probably overloaded it.