Oh Anthra, how I love thee..... **pics**

  1. As some of you may know, i bought a fake black city off eBay (...i really did) :crybaby:and i was so heartbroken.

    I didn't want to see another Balenciaga bag again. But........my sister kept insisting I buy another and well....i couldn't resist.

    Selfridges started their sale on Thursday and i called early ( i was the first one to call mail order ) the lady told me they only had truffle and white on sale so i just opted for this...


    Marine coin purse!

    Then i was reading the thread on the trafford centre sale and someone mentioned they had a anthra city left. With no hesitation my sister called them and bought the last anthra city.

    Without flash



    With Flash.


    the leather is so thick and smoochy. I love it. The color is gorgeous. After my experience with the dreaded black fake city, i decided to substitute the anthra for the black. :yahoo:

    OH YEAH...............

    Did i mention i also got the truffle coin purse...heck, it was on SALE....i couldn't resist.


    Sorry for long post. I hope you enjoy pics. Now i need vert gazon, aquamarine, sienna, violet....the list goes on.
    marine.JPG anthra no flash.JPG anthra with flash.JPG anthra 2 no flash.JPG truffle.JPG
  2. Oh wow!! Really nice bags!! Now you have really made up for that fake for sure!!!

    What's that 'THIS IS YOU' tag? Is it trying to say to potential customers: this bag is so you!!?
  3. :huh:o:huh:h.... how pretttyy.. smells good huh? hahah Enjoy her... its a beauty!!! I'm sorry about what happened on eBay.. I hope you were able to recourse on the transaction somehow. :boxing: but.. this Anthra city... must have you head over heals... on cloud 9~! Sisters are wonderful aren't they? Congrats on your new purchase... its PuURRRtyy. :drinks:
  4. Love your new goodies, Lothlorien14!!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  5. Congrats on your new, well deserved purchases!!
  6. love the anthra! still considering it! but coz its sooo close to the plomb which I'm planning to get... oh no... here goes the indecisiveness again...

    congrats on both purchases!
  7. Congrats! All of them are beautiful!
  8. Lothlorien, they are all beautiful! You have scored big time!!! The marine coin purse lookls sooo soft and squishy!!
  9. SCORE! It's always nice to get a nice new handbag. The anthra looks smooshilicious! Congrats.
  10. I like the truffle coin purse, nice haul!!
  11. gorgeous purchases! what a sweet sister too! to understand ur bbag plight and help u score in a big way! LOVE ur anthracity--what smooshy leather! and love ur mini coins!
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!:nuts: I LOVE everything you have!!!:love::love::love: Love all 3 colors and the leathers look so smooshy!!!:drool: :yahoo:Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  13. very nice. congrats!
  14. Congrats! I love the anthracity and the coin purses!
  15. What a great haul you have - well I suppose they were on sale!!! I love the coin purses - I want one too!