Officially mad! Another question please???

  1. Sooo Sorry guys but I am officially mad, please once again I need your help. Some of you remember my pics of the stud stamped maxi veneta which I bought in the sale, well as you know DH didn't like it and at the time I said to my BV SA that if a cocker bag came on sale could I possibly exchange the maxi veneta.

    I hadn't heard from him for a few days so I was all set to keep the maxi, when today he called and said they had a cocker on sale in a colour called pepe (taupey grey) with snakeskin accents on the sides and the main body of the bag and woven snakeskin trim underneath the sides of the bag. It is in TDF deerskin and has brass woven rings (similar to the ball bag) holding the braided strip. I tried to find a pic of this bag but couldn't (maybe C-24 can work some miracles). The price point is a bit :wtf::wtf: because it is £1065 down from around £1650. Do you think I should exchange or keep the maxi?? The cocker doesn't go on sale here unless it is a seasonal colour and they are now discontinuing the ebano and nero ones aswell. I'm not sure, does anyone remember seeing the pepe bags from F/W 2006??
  2. I personally like the colour pepe, in fact one of my very first pieces is in this colour...I think it's a classic

    here's a picture of my BV bag and shoes in not sure of the official name for the bag though :shrugs: hope it helps...

    the cocker bag with snakeskin sounds very interesting :nuts:
    do post pics if you get hold of one...thanks!
    bottega3a.JPG bottega3b.JPG
  3. I think you should keep the maxi studded veneta. Veneta is gorgeous anyway, but for me my nero large is just a bit on the small size -so having one that is even bigger would be a fulfillment of dreams!!
  4. ^^OMG! Rox rocks, that colour is amazing, it looks quite Old Petraish in this picture, I really thought it would be more grey? Thanks for posting the pics your BV collection is amazing! that bag and the shoes are beautiful (I can't stop raving!):nuts:
  5. Syma,What a dilemma! The cocker color sounds yummy but compared to the maxi it'll seem small, no? I love the edginess of the studded style...I returned the medium b/c it was too small but just a while ago I was assured there are two large ones left in California and one would be on it's way to me. Can you keep both bags and call the cocker an early birthday gift????
  6. Many Congrats LLANeedle I can't wait to see you pics! Unfortunately I can't justify keeping both and do seem to have a lot of large bags, I do like the cocker style but I'm not sure how easily it wears on the shoulder, maybe Ms Piggy can chime in?? The only thing that is a bit :shrugs: about the bag is the snakeskin accents. I think I'll take another look at it tomorrow and see if I still love it? The BV SA has put it aside for me. But all your opinions are important to me, TIA!
  7. Sorry, syma, unfortch, I can`t find any pics of the bag either, only a lilac Cocker from F/W 2006 but without the snakeskin and with a plain handle.

    Such a decision is awful. The Cocker sounds more like a statement bag while the Stud Veneta turns heads but is more of an everyday bag. So, do you need another bag that stands out?

    Remember, your bag matches DH`s jacket! But on the other hand, Pepe is such a TDF color!

    Don`t know what to tell you1
  8. We should keep the studded veneta because it looks good on you.

    The cocker you are talking about is the Cervo/Ayers cocker w/ swirl trim? It retailed for $3980 in the US. It's hard to make a decision. Do you want/not have a cocker style bag? Is this style with the trim something that you love? I think the price is still steep.
  9. Claus, thanks so much for looking, I've gone through all the f/w lookbooks but no sign of this bag, I am thinking that I should keep the stud veneta but have a look at this bag one more time before deciding.

    , you are right about the steep price! I would like to have a cocker style bag but maybe I should just get a plain deerskin one as they do crop up on eBay from time to time? The deerskin does wear better than the nappa on the stud veneta. I wish I could show you a pic. Uclaboi,I found your pic of a pepe bag, but your looks more grey than rox rocks pic??
  10. Syma, I think it sounds you really want to stick with the stud Veneta in your heart... and I always think you should go with your heart (and in this case not what your DH thinks...).

    I really can't picture in my head what that Cocker looks like - it sounds rather busy to me and I'm not a fan of busy bags...

    But now I want a Montaigne in pepe!!! Gorgeous colour!
  11. i am not a huge fan of the studded veneta (not my style) so personally I would choose the cocker.

    also have to say rox_rocks, where do you live? i must steal that set -- it is amazing!
  12. hmmm, this one is a hard one. for me, the studded veneta is more my style, and that size is really special. and it looks BEAUTIFUL on you. but to be honest it sounds like you are yearing more for the cocker.
  13. hi, stay with the studded veneta..the cocker is yesterday's news, no matter how gorgeous the color is, and difficult on the shoulder..I have the maxi studded Veneta and I am loving it
  14. [​IMG]

    rox_rocks ... the bv shoes and bag totally rocks :heart:
  15. Syma, this is such a quandry! I love your maxi veneta on you, so smooshy and comfy on the shoulder. But the cocker is such an unusual bag, especially in pepe which is really unique (only seen pictures online but I would totally have gotten a bag in pepe given the chance). I don't think the cocker will be as comfy on the shoulder, and it is definitely bulkier. But it has great outer pockets and the same flap opening of the sloane. So the question comes down you need another hobo bag (veneta) or do you want a more unique bag shape that's a bit smaller (cocker)? See what you feel when you try on the cocker. Either your heart goes pitter patter when you try it on, or it doesn't.