Officially Coach-Obessed

  1. So i'm on eBay right now...

    what is everyones opinion!?

    i dont' know the ins and outs of authenticity, but i know what i want...

    i dont' want to get scammed but some of those cheap prices are TAUNTING ME...

    Do i chance it and get one?

    Deadline of this purchase is friday, i either do the eBay thing or go to the outlet in Freeport~!

    lemme know, thanks ladies!


  2. Go to the outlet...or post your link in the authenticate it thread and hopefully someone can steer you in the right direction. Good luck!
  3. Krispin is right! Either go to the outlet and you'll be 100% sure that you're getting authentic or post in the authenticate this! thread to get opinions. Also, check the good eBay deals thread too, there may be something that you'll like!
  4. :wlae:
    :heart: so i officially love my coach family here at TPF:heart:

    thanks for responding so quick guys, ur awsome.

    i will go to the outlet to be sure!

  5. Agree with the above and also, you may want to post in a darker font, I can not read your writing well at all.
  6. is this color better?


    thanks again for the QUICK feedback!
  7. bids on ebay go up drastically even within the last few hours so the price you see now could be much less than the price you might end up paying.

    if the outlet's close, can't hurt to go!