OFFICIALLY a Miu Miu gal... come see my surprise!

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  1. congrats with your bag!! so pretty welcome to the bow club
  2. Congratulations! I love the bow!!
  3. nice modelling pics!!!!! Fumo looks great!!!! :drool:
  4. Congrats! What a nice bag :tup:
  5. LOVE YOUR MODELLING PICS!! You look so stunning :yahoo:
    Love that belt of yours :tup:

    And yes - Miu Miu is sooooo hot in Europe right now :yes:
  6. I'm not sure if I commented on this last night when I was on while studying.. LOL but in case I didn't YOU LOOK FAB! AHH! FUMO IS SO GORGEOUS! And I love your teal top, reminds me of my teal top that I use to match with my alluminio.

    LOVE HER Vinyl, because if you don't I will :P
  7. Thanks!! I got it for like $10 at Forever 21. :graucho:

    I love teal... it matches everything, really!! :yes:
  8. Congrats Vinyl. Fumo is one of my most fave color on the bow. Great choice!
  9. :woohoo: Congrats Vinyl!!! I'm so happy for you~ That is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. omg VINYLLLLL i am so jealous!! i absolutely love fumo (maybe even more than my alluminio-what? did i just say that?? hahaha :confused1:;)) esp since its so rare!

    you look wooonderful with it!
  11. PS what a steal too! :tup:

    complete utter jealousy right now...:yes:
  12. gorgeous! congrats, what a great bag! looks wonderful on you :tup:
  13. PSH!! I am jealous of your Alluminio! :drool: :drool: :shame:

  14. hahaha vinyl lets trade!
  15. My panda bear is a GREAT model! :shame: :graucho:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do you guys notice the "veins" above the logo? It kinda bothers me, but I'll have to live with it. Is there any way I could "smooth" them out?! If I bought the Coach leather conditioner, I wonder if they could smooth out the veins. :shrugs: