OFFICIALLY a Miu Miu gal... come see my surprise!

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  1. Hi Vinyl, this is a beautiful bag!! I love the color and it looks so soft... It's a large bag too which I always find very practical. Very cool!!!
  2. omg Vinyl!!!! i didnt read tpf for one day only and there's such a sweeeet surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:FUMO is absolutely tdf!!! my fave colour but i can never ever find it anywhere in the world!!! WOW!!! CONGRATS sweetie!!!

    so guess no more moro or alluminio for now? :P

    post some modelling pics soon!! so happy for you!! :girlsigh:

    i'm still waiting for my new mughetto to arrive.. :Push:
  3. Some bad news... so my parents inspected my bag & they HATE it! They can't see what's so special about it. They think the color is weird. They also hate the fact that it's pre-owned, but whatever. :Push: Even my dad, who doesn't care about designer stuff, was like, "Is that a real brand...?" :crybaby:

    But... onto the replies: thank you everyone else for your very kind comments!! I felt bad because my parents don't like the bag, but you all do, lol.

    FINALLY, for sure, my friend! I snagged it for.... $725!!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks -- maybe not the most stylish, since I'll be bundled in winter clothes, but my bow satchel will add a pop to my wardrobe! You're very lucky to have paid no more than $7,000 for your education. My annual college expenses are $50,000. Times that by 4, and you get $200,000 just for undergraduate education!! :wtf: Enough to make me cry, but I am going to apply for more financial aid next year.

    I would also choose it over Mughetto! Even when I had the chance to get Mughetto NEW at the boutique, eh... it was really more of my 3rd choice for a color (Alluminio being 1st & Fumo being 2nd).

    I hope your new bow won't have that darn pen mark everyone mysteriously has! You too have to show more pics when you get her!
  4. Vinyl!
    Who cares what your parents think! YOU :heart: IT and that's all that matters.
    OH, and of course... all your friends here on TPF love it too :yes:

    Boy, if I had the chance I'd snag it too! LOL! That is an amazing price! Even if you didn't want it, snag it and sell it on eBay. It's definetly worth it!!!!!!

    Enjoy it sweetie, btw, are you carrying it out today? :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  5. Omg Vinyl :yahoo:

    Congratulations on your beautiful bow! I don`t think you should care about the fact that it is pre-loved. And the price you got it for is such a steel! 725 is nothing for a bow!
  6. Yeah, - I totally agree, what does parents know?? The bag is such a classic and will last like forever! You have done the BEST purchase :yahoo:
  7. ^ Aww, you guys are the best! :hugs:

    But I have to care about what they think, since they fund my so-called purchases, hehe. When I ween myself off of their money, they can't complain if I wanna buy a used bag, lol! For now though, it's understandable... a lot of people have that mindset about pre-owned items or "not as famous" brands. :smile:

    And Anna, I carried it out last night to... Wal-Mart, LOL! Will post pics of what I wore & my bag later.
  8. lluuccky
  9. i'l wake up first thing later to check out your pics!!! can't wait~!! lol..

    and i think my bow is arriving in another day or so..:P
  10. wow, my parents said the same thing!! they didnt think it was as *famous as prada or bottega veneta just cuz they've never heard of it...and they think its ridiculous to spend so much on a bag but overal lthey couldn't say much cuz i used my own hardworking money, which is a good feeling (not so good when u have to pay it off =|).
    dollymixer- im so excited to see ur pristinee mughetto!! *sigh i didnt have an option for an exchange for a new one...=| did you buy it from the miu miu boutique?
  11. congrats vinyl!! and fwiw, your bow reference guide is awesome!!
  12. Everybody knows miu miu in Europe and it's one of the hottest brands right now.

    Don't care about what your parents say, you will carry it not them. It's an used bag but it's in a great condition.

    This is me when my mother says something like that::jammin::wlae::jammin::wlae:
  13. LOL @ those smileys.

    I can't wait for your picturs Vinyl, don't worry, when I first got my bow I couldn't stop carrying her either, I'd carry her for fun around the house OR just to 711. I recently got a new handbag, but I'm not revealing her yet :graucho: and ever since I got her, I've been using her. Don't worry, I'm not neglecting my bow :P

  14. Not to take the spotlight away from Vinyl, but OMG annaversary, what did you get?! :nuts:

    My parents can't comment on my bag purchases because it's the money that I earned working, hahaha
    I pay for my own school, my own car, everything! =)
    ....that's why I don't have many bags though LOL

    And there's NOTHING wrong with a pre-owned bag. My LV Epi is pre-owned...but it was PRISTINE, *AND* I only paid HALF of the retail price. Can't beat that with a baseball bat!!
  15. #45 Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
    I know what Anna's latest bag is!! :graucho:

    Anyways, I really need to hurry up & clean my room. I'm tired of it looking so messy that I have to do major cropping on photos, lol! :P

    I'm not really a fan of wearing bags cross-body, but the bow satchel looks good worn any way!



    Wore this to Wal-Mart last night:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My beautiful bow hanging in the bathroom for a photo-op:

    And I totally agree with you, reverie!! Especially with such a rare find, you can't really expect it to be new/perfect.

    I'm guilty of that, LOL!