Officially a Marc Jacobs Convert!!!

  1. Any of you that may have been following my Perils of Prada story on the Prada board may know a bit about what prompted this purchase, but I just got my first MJ Blake today! OMG! It's fabulous!! I had ordered the MJ Sienna hobo and a white Marc by MJ tote this summer and just didn't feel the love, so I sent them back. This baby is a KEEPER! Holy cow, the leather is as good or better than my Prada bags and the plum color suede lining is luscious! The attachment pic is from Bluefly, but I'll be posting some snaps here later when I get home.

    I'm in loooooooooooooooooooooove! :love:

    Does this mean I need to change my user name? :girlsigh:
  2. That is a beautiful and classic MJ purse! Congrats on your new purchase and becoming a fellow MJ lover! You will have to post some pics of you wearing it. What color is that, BTW?
  3. Gongrats!! It´s a beauty!
  4. It's called taupe and it definitely looks like taupe. Bluefly had it listed as khaki for some reason, but you can see in the picture that is NOT khaki! Yes, I'll have some pics posted later. It's just perfect for me.:yahoo:

    Nola, thanks!! :smile:
  5. Prada Psycho, congrats! Blake's one of my all-time favorite handbags. Can't wait to see your pictures of this baby, plum lining must be beautiful!
    I have to read about your PoP story later. =)

    Jill won't let you change your user name, hahahaaaa. =)
  6. Congrats on your new Blake! What a perfect bag to convert with!

    Enjoy and can't wait to see your personal pics! :yahoo:
  7. Yay!!! Congrats on your purchase!! I can't wait to see pics. I'm happy you're an MJ fan now!:yahoo:
  8. Welcome to the land of MJ! I know you will enjoy your blake.Congratulations!
  9. Thanks for all the nice words, everyone! Here's some quick (and I do mean quick) snaps of the new Blake, one fuzzy me and one dusty me in my mirror. :shame:

    Unfortunately, using a flash the lining looks fuschia, but it's much deeper and richer a plum color than this. Maybe if the sun ever comes back out I can get a better shot!

    Isn't Ms. Blake purty? :girlsigh:
    2006_0913Image0025.JPG 2006_0913Image0020.JPG 2006_0913Image0021.JPG 2006_0913Image0023.JPG 2006_0913Image0018.JPG
  10. Love that! What color is the hardware?
  11. Beautiful! Congrats!
  12. It looks like a great bag. Enjoy and Congrats on your new bag.

  13. The hardware is silver, tln. Looks great with the taupe leather!:nuts:
  14. Beautiful! Great pics!
  15. Ms. Blake is purty! She looks great on your shoulder & arm, congrats again.
    Thank you for sharing. =)