*Official Workout Video Review Thread*

  1. I thought this might be fun and helpful! I know that many of us work out in the gym, but videos are always an easy and inexpensive way to "get the job done" as well:p ...so I'm suggesting that we have this thread to rate- and especially suggest- videos we've tried.
    I've got about 20 on order from my Zip.ca membership (like Netflix) so I plan to try one a week for my 'wildcard' workout outside of the gym until it's nice enough to start running again.
    So far the ones I've really enjoyed are:
    -Denise Austin Pilates (2 25-minute workouts, one more of a beginners')
    -Crunch Balance Ball Workout
    I have everything on the way from Tae-bo to Bodukon so this should be interesting...but I'm always eager to hear what others have tried and liked or tried and hated?
    Please include:
    -Name of disc
    -Length of workout(s) on disc
    -Level (beginner/intermediate/advanced)
    -Type of workout (cardio/muscle/stretch/relaxation)
    -What you like and dislike about it

    Hope this works and ends up being a good reference tool for everyone who's interested:yes: !
  2. Oh I wish I could do this. I've been using all the exercise videos available on demand by my cable service. I've just discovered that exercise dvds aren't that bad.
  3. Hope this could also count as a workout video.

    I just recently purchased Jenna's "Beyond Bellydance" DVD, along with her choreography DVD "the heartbeat of bellydance" and they're both EXCELLENT DVDs for learning and developing basic dance techniques or even as a workout!!

    - Level: the first DVD is definately beginners, but it gets harder. The second is intermediate because one has to know the basic steps and working them fluently before moving on.
    - Runs for 2 hours and 20 mins for the first DVD. (both are sold seperately)
    - Type of workout (definately stretching and building strong muscles in the legs, abdomen and hip area, before this I never would have imagined bellydance involves the whole body)
    - I'm not too motivated to do exercise, I tend to stop and can't keep it up on a regular basis. Walking and tredmills are ok but other than that I get bored easily so this has been keeping me going because it's... well.. dancing! It's fun and I can personalize the choreography.
    There really isn't anything I dislike about it except the fact that now I find myself wanting to start dancing anywhere at any given time ; )
  4. I just bought Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Disc 1.
    There are 5 sections, about 15-20 min each.
    definetly a beginner tape, since it is the first one in a 5 part series.

    I always just use my elliptical trainer, so this was actually hard for me. I'm not very flexible and the exercises are really catered to my kinda people! It starts off with a "dancers warmup" and then there are 2 distinct dances she teaches you. Dance 1 is fun and a great low impact aerobic exercise, Dance 2 is harder and more into the striptease aspect of the video.

    here is the breakdown of the tape:
    dancers warm up
    dance 1 instruction
    dance 1 w/ music
    dance 2 instruction
    dance 2 w/ music

    I started out doing the warmup and the first dance instruction the first time- the choreography was pretty easy and developed smoothly throughout the different exercises. I chose this tape because well, Carmen is HOT. and if I'm gonna workout for an hour everyday, I dont want to be staring at some girl with a big cheesy smile and hot pink spandex... This workout was stylish, fun, up-to-date and very very sexy. I liked how Carmen seemed sexy & genuine in it, like she was having fun but keeping it professional. She explained all the choreography very clearly and in a way that uncomplicated the dance. I have had a lot of fun with this one! I'm going to go get the 2nd tape tommorrow actually, I think I am ready for the intermediate level now.
  5. I've been wanting to try the Carmen series so thank you:smile: ! I might go for that next.
    This week, I tried the Budokon (from Gaiam) Disk 2 which contains one Accelerated and one Maintenance workout.
    Breakdown: Minutes 1-20: Yoga Vinyasas (sp?) with a few ouchy strength and core moves thrown in, think lots of plank position with leg lifts.
    Minutes 20-40: Martial arts moves (front kicks, roundhouses, punches)
    Cooldown 5 mins.
    This training system is what got Jen Aniston so ripped. I'm not sure what my DVD club is sending next week but I think I might keep going with this one- it's the perfect blend of yoga and cardio for a lower impact workout day! Highly recommended and you can do it with no prior knowledge of either yoga or martial arts moves.
  6. I swear by THE FIRM: Body Sculpting Basics. It's a great overall workout and intense cardio. Start off slow and then start to build on the weights. The older firm videos are my fav the newer ones really don't do anything for me. ENJOY!
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  7. i'll take a shot at this since i've been a loyal long-time fan of taebo and can't rave enough about it...:p

    1. Taebo Ultimate Upper/Lower Body workout
    - Duration: from 45-55 minutes each
    - Level: beginner for the upper, advanced for the lower
    - Type of workout: cardio for sure
    - What you like: The upper body one is amazing in that when you do it, you're like, ehh doesn't feel like i'm really working out, but then you find yourself sweating and your heart gets really pumped up, and if you haven't done the workout in a few days, the day after you do it again your entire upper body is sore, even though you feel like the workout wasn't really that strenuous! The lower body one is HARDCORE, imo. It starts off slow, but most of it involves a lot of kicking and leg work, which usually pumps the heart much faster than standing still and moving your upper body (which is sort of the upper body workout)...it really, really tires you out, and towards the end your whole body will be screaming, NO MOREEEEEEEE...lol. I do the upper body workout when i'm feeling lazy, and the lower one when i really want a challenge.

    2. Taebo II Get Ripped Advanced 1 and 2 workouts
    -Length of workout(s) on disc: around one hour for each
    -Level: advanced
    -Type of workout: cardio
    -What you like and dislike about it: Supposedly these 2 workouts are the most difficult of all taebos, and i have to say, they're pretty rigorous. however, they give you a really good full body workout so none of your body parts will be screaming in pain at any point, and i don't find it difficult to get through the workout. there's a lot of variety so you're never bored. it's my go-to taebo dvd that is the main staple of my workout. results are AMAZING and pretty immediate, which i love!!

    sorry for the long post, hope it's useful!
  8. Is that the Taebo video that you need the exercise bands for? I tried one of them last week but didn't have the bands so I substituted weights...not as effective, though. I would add to your awesome review that you should get some bands if you want to do the video:yes:
  9. I love Gilad Bodies In Motion Cardio & Body Sculpting, its a total body workout! really works up a sweat(he has a daily show on the Fitness channel too!) I also have the Carmen Electra DVD set...but the "Fit To Strip" is the best..cause it supposedly gets you in shape to be able to do the other strip tease workouts.
    My other favorite is Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio! Oh man its about a 45 minute intense cardio workout where you will work up a real sweat!!!! Def. not for a beginner.
    My other fav. when Im short on time is the 8-minute workouts...I have both the old VHS tapes and the newer DVD's. They target, buns, thighs, legs, abs, and arms in a short quick but effective workout!!
  10. I believe you're referring to his new bootcamp elite series? Or maybe his old bootcamp series too. i tried it, didn't really like it, the bands cut into your arm/body and really just get in the way. my favorite is definitely the upper body/lower body and get ripped series...if you want true intensity (which i can't handle past 5 minutes), add in some 1-lb wrist and ankle weights....it's CRAAAAZY! :push: :push: both of those are single DVDs that you can get on Amazon i think....really cheap too for how awesome they are :yes:
  11. I have all of Carmen Electra's DVDs.

    The first one is Aerobic Striptease. I found the choreography to be easy to follow. With the second one, there's a lot of floor work, and I found myself cheating a little. But I could do it, and that's the important thing.

    The second one is Fit to Strip, and it's a straight workout video. She's joined by fitness expert and personal trainer Michael Carson. It's basically a full body workout.

    The third one is Advanced Aerobic Striptease. I haven't tried that one yet, but it involves more technical moves and costumes are involved. (With one, she starts off dressed like a librarian and the other one she's in a man's shirt, tie and top hat.)

    The fourth and fifth ones are sold together. The fourth one shows you how to do lapdances. (I don't have the correct chair.) The fifth one is a hip-hop routine. It's not the most advanced hip-hop routine, but I can't follow along with choreography for the life of me, and I could follow along.

    These discs aren't boring, they're something different. The cool thing is, if you memorize the routine from the first one, you could dance it to Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls.
  12. While I was still living at home, my dad and I took salsa lessons every Thursday night.

    While taking the class, we bought their DVD: Salsa y Control Dance Company: Beginner & Advanced Partnering.
    Salsa y Control Dance Company

    It teaches everything you would learn if you were taking a Salsa class: male footwork, female footwork, male turns, female turns, partnering . . . .

    The really cute guy in the video, Johnny, was actually teaching the class I went to.
  13. 1. Pilates Pick your Spot belly butt and thighs
    each segment is about 10 min each with optional Pilates challenge
    beginner modifications
    It definately is a good place to start if you're new to Pilates and is in the Crunch workout series. My first pilates DVD and has really helped me strengthen my abs and legs as well as lose babyweight. Not good for seasoned pilates veterans

    2 NYC Ballet Workout 2
    about 60 min long
    Beginner and Advanced levels included
    Good all over body workout, WARNING: you do need co ordination to be able to do all of the moves and workouts. It is a little difficult at first if you'venever danced before. I'd reccomend watching before trying. It also has an optional segment teaching some basic choreography from the ballet Tarantella
  14. Hi, the first excercise video i bought was Davina Macolls Power of three workout. Its about 1 hour long and it really does give you a work out, It does all parts of the body in sections and every so many times they have a fat burner session for 1 min and you have to do what they do like jump, or run on the spot. I found this video rock hard to to because when you have just about got through box steps and lunges which obvously gets the heart pumping after doing nearly 100 reps you then have to jog on the spot and get back straight into it.
    I couldnt walk for a whole week after doing the excercise video my muscle where so bad and i did the warm up.
    But i know it says its working but its to hard on the body, but i suppose if you like a vigarous work out its perfect for you.

    I also tried the Angela Griffith dance work out, This was ok but and was fun the fist few times i did it it lasts about 1 hour still but it gets boring after a while.

    So i then decided to get a gym ball and get a Gymball work out DVD and this is the best one i used, this last for 1 hour but you see results as soon as you have done the first work out and you can still manage to walk the next day. And its good for your posture also and is relaxing and not at all vigarous which i find much better as when you are panting like a dog like in Davinas you dont feel like even doing the rest of the work out.

    Hope this helps.

  15. Ballet for Beginners - to refresh what I used to do when I was a little girl. I took this up after my pregnancy, together with my usual pilates routine, and my legs have just never been that trained and thin!!!

    Great if you like skinny jeans!