Official Watercolor VVN Pricing for Hawaii

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  1. all are in the system. these prices are from my SA at ala moana

    $1150 for the Speedy 30
    $1200 for the Papillon 30

    she also told me that the price for the speedy 35 is $1200 as well. FINALLY!!!!!
  2. Yay!! I will be able to afford it!! LOL! :yahoo:
  3. Wow thanks Caley! FINALLY! Any Aussie tPfers want to have a guess of the price here? :P I'm thinking $1800 or so.
  4. Wow, caley you are so lucky to get the speedy 30. Could you imagine me (5 feet) carrying the'll look like I am carrying a luggage. The prices are good.
  5. Wow!!!! :nuts:

    That's a very good news to me. I'd love to take one in each color if they made them. :P
  6. Thank you Caley! I'm going to call tomorrow to see if I can provide my CC info. I really hope we all get one!
  7. no problem! now we just have to make sure they get released on time! :smile: hope everyone gets one!!!!
  8. thank you so much, caley!
  9. Thanks for the details, Caley......I have no control so I guess it's a 35 for me, I really wish the size 30 were available globally......{{{ sigh }}}....
  10. I must get one!!!!
  11. Thanks for the info!

    I'm glad the price is so affordable!
  12. Do you know if they do phone order?
  13. ^^only if you have a purchase history with any store in hawaii.
  14. Thanks! So I could buy something small like a cles? LOL... plotting here, but would that count?
  15. i mean that you have to had previously purchased something in person at any of the stores in hawaii.