Official VMA thread

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  1. Who's watching? Beyone's outfit while giving thanks for her "Beautiful Liar" award is what "inspired" me to create this thread. WTF? Was that a curtain :confused1:???

    Sarah Silverman played to a rather dead crowd as well. What is happening to pop culture? :rolleyes:
  2. Beyonce's outfit was not good.

    Chris Brown ROCKED THE HOUSE!!
  3. Oh dear God, why didn't Britney Spears get better advice from her management?
  4. this was already posted in another thread...Please do a search :smile:
  5. Thanks so much for the much needed help. I didn't realize.
  6. Honestly, the worst two hours I have spent in my life. I hate MTV right now. :tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
  7. Is it me or did Kanye perform the same song like 4489247921 times? :confused1:

    I posted this thread when the Britney thread had only 2 pages, lol. I thought the Britney thread was about, well Britney. I thought the entire show and it's disastrous nature warranted it's own thread :yes:
  8. The VMAs are getting worse every year. Did everyone else laugh after every joke Sarah Silverman said just because no one else was?!?! Too funny to watch her totally BOMB! She seriously sucked, WTH was MTV thinking?

    I miss when the VMAs were really good. Like when Justin Timberlake and someone else hosted and talked like Snoop Dogg. Or when Chris Rock was the host.

    The only good part about tonights VMAs was Chris Brown. And of course the Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight. (Which we didn't even get to see!)
  9. Lol it was somewhat amusing. I actually watched it with my mom.
    And yeah I agree, Sara's jokes about everyone were pretty tasteless and the Kanye thing was getting annoying, he was on there a bunch of times.
    I did like Gym Class Heroes, though I wish they would have shown more of their performance.
  10. How about Chris Brown's Performance..
    Alicia Keys did great too and she looked really really good.
    and kid rock punching Tommy Lee...
    What in the world

    BTW- I love Chris Brown
  11. Yes, thank you! Chris Brown's dance moves were HOT. Him and Keys were about the only good thing about the show.
  12. Chris Brown's performance should have opened the show! Everything else would have looked GREAT after that!:lol:

    ETA: And Alicia Keys rocked it!
  13. Agreed, Chris Brown best of the night.
  14. chris brown, Alicia, killed it last night!