Official tPF Holiday Exchange Reveal Thread

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  1. Hi everyone....

    I can't believe it is closing in on that time of the year (the neighbors are outside putting up decorations right now!!).....and I've already been receiving some emails that people have started shipping out gifts!

    So...this is the official reveal thread! For those of you who have never participated in one of these exchanges...this is the place to chat about the exchange, as well as post up photos of the gifts that you receive!!!!

    So let's kick this off!!!

    I should add that I got my buddy one present yesterday already...and have the whole present planned out! Just need to pick out 1 or 2 more things and I'll be packaging everything up :smile:

    As usual....if you ever have any questions...please email/PM me anytime!!!

    *Mods...can you please stick this thread**
  2. Whoooo can't wait! I just need to find the perfect wrapping paper..
  3. Go kneehighz go!!!!! I am doing 3 exchanges...and so far my buddy for this exchange has been the easiest to shop for! I feel like I 'know' her already...weird huh? LOL
  4. Making this a STICKY!!!
  5. Oh! I guess I still AM a newbie in a way..I didn't realize I could be a part of more than one *smacks hand on forehead* D'OH!! Well next time I'll know what to do!

    Oh by the way, when is the last day to post presents again?
  6. The last day to ship presents if you are shipping out of country is 12/7...if you are shipping within your country it is 12/14! I'll be sending out friendly reminders as we get closer!!!!

  7. Thanks so much Jill!!!!!
  8. o.k., buddy my gift is shipped and on its way! I think you will like it.
  9. My package should be out sometime this week!!!!
  10. I've got the 2 main gifts for my Buddy :yahoo:

    Just need to get the "little fun" gifts to finish it off and then off to the mail :happydance:
  11. I'm having trouble keeping within the budget! I wish I signed up for more of these! I love buying presents!!
  12. My buddy's package has been shipped. I hope my buddy likes it.
  13. I bought the main gift for my buddy....will ship this week once I finish the package off!
  14. I have one gift bought and am waiting for the Cyber Monday free shipping sales to start today to grab the last couple of gifts!!!!
  15. Wow, some of you are very fast.

    I have picked up a few items for my buddy, and I am waiting for some things that I have ordered.

    I believe mine should go by Monday or Tuesday.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.