Official TOD'S S/S 2010 Thread - post pics and discuss here!

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  1. Has anyone seen any of the new colors? I've heard there will be a pale purple, a navy, and a yellow. And I think something similar to the electric blue will also be in the lineup.
  2. Navy sounds yummy to me. I'm interested to know too!
  3. Pale purple sounds fun...
  4. Thanks Swan1 for posting these! I'm excited to see more. I love the messenger style not so much the colors though. Hope they come out with more fun happy colors :biggrin:
  5. I kinda like the bright purple color.
  6. The Magenta is nice, the other 2 are not really doing anything for me. Thanks for posting!
  7. Saw this in the window at the boutique, I'll have to get this color! Linen
  8. i saw it earlier today too..but am worry about caring for the material..
  9. It's coated Canvas, no worries at all!
  10. It's beautiful, LT,and what a relief that it's coated canvas! A fabric bag in such a light color would be a definite NO for me, but in the coated canvas, we get the best of both worlds––style and protection! Keep us posted as to when you get yours.
  11. Now that is one pretty bag!!!!!
  12. oic...i din touch it cos i was at the boutique with my 3yo..coated canvas is a great idea.
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    The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is now featured on the Tod's website. The G bag in blue python is lovely!
  14. I checked the new collection online and fell in love with the G-bag in leather. The colors are just fantastic!!!! I also like the D-bag in blue but maybe not so easy to carry around on a daily basis (color clashes anybody???). Any thoughts?

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