Official Thread for the Royal Wedding in England in 2018

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  1. I now declare this royal thread open. :smile:
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  2. So excited!!!
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  4. So am I! :smile:
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  5. Yay! Can’t wait!!
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  6. I'm going to wear something festive - like a nice pair of PJ's and a Crown :girlsigh: may even have a proper English tea!
  7. @ Rachel Meghan Markle

    What Wiki knows:

    Read more about her:
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  8. @ Prince Henry of Wales

    What Wiki knows:

    Read more about him:
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  9. @tweegy needs to make a Royal Bish Basket!
  10. I'm soo excited!!:nuts:
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  11. Oh my gosh! Great idea...we can all watch together. I even have a tiara. I bought it for my dog when she was crowned queen of our home when we lost the king, our 15 year old Labrador, a couple of months ago. We had a coronation ceremony for her and everything. Well, the ceremony was putting it on her head and giving her the stay command while attempting to take pics before it fell off. Then showering her with treats.

    Yes, we have no children, and are crazy dog people. :loveeyes:
  12. Pajama tea party for Megan and Harry’s wedding! Lol I’m down!!!
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  13. keep calm.png
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  14. LOL But who will come up with the hastily fabricated Royal Fragrance??!
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