Official Spring/Summer 2011! Post pics and discuss here

  1. There are some really pretty shoes and a couple of bags that look interesting.
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  2. Look at this pretty scarf!
  3. Every time I get their new season catalogs in the mail I get so excited! I really love the 24/7 shoes and new bag line. I do like the sky with the rosette too!
  4. J, I made your thread the official seasonal sticky. Woot, I received my catalogs today and am excited. Love the Rhys and Rosalie, Rhea M, and Rosa bags in the SS 24/7 catalog.
  5. I am always the last to get catalogs! Thanks for making it stick :p
  6. You are welcome. The catalogs are not listing the prices, grrrr.
  7. Oh god, I got my catalogs today...I am going to have some splainin to do...
  8. Went to Nordies today and saw a few of the new bags. I really liked the Parker, it is gorgeous IRL...I also saw those killer shoes with the rosettes in both black and powder pink! Yum...I was good tho. :p
  9. [​IMG]I am loving this bag and have my name on the only one that our Nordies is getting. I have been good for soooooo long!
  10. [​IMG]And these are the shoes I am lusting after:
  11. I am so jealous! I am also betting this will sell out so you are smart to get it now!
  12. I am a huge sucker for the washed leather and I think this color is beautiful. I worry a little about color transfer but I will just have to be careful and not carry it when wearing dark jeans. I love the flower detail on the cuff.
  13. has a smaller version. This bag is huge IRL :nuts:
  14. Ordered these from the cruise collection. Can't wait...
    jc urban.jpg
  15. I have this bag in the chetah patent and [​IMG]I love the size. It is big, but I put a pursekit in it and love carrying it.