Official Sienna Miller Style Thread

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  1. Sienna Miller is one of the hottest style trendsetters to hit the fashion scene in a long time. She always looks fabulous in whatever bohemian inspired outfit she manages to pull together (with or without Jude Law on her arm). The basics of Sienna's fabulous look are simple and even the smallest aspects of it can easily be added to your own style repertoire.

  2. I love her style, she always manages to look really stylish by throwing things together...she doesnt follow a particular style as such and defines her own style. She was quoted as saying she and her sister get their inspiration for their designs from driving through london as people arent afraid to be themselves and anything goes.

    She never wears much makeup either which is nice as she still looks very beautiful and its nice to see someone without tons of makeup on. I love cheryl coles style also but she does wear an awful lot of makeup.

    Sometimes being all immaculate and polished looks nice but kinda stepford wives.
  3. This is funny...I was just thinking yesterday that there should be a Sienna Miller thread. I think she is adorable! looking forward to pics....

  4. I was really surprised that there wasnt one already......more pics coming this way! Feel free to post your own too :biggrin:
  5. Her style is great!!
  6. Sienna Miller lives up to style icon status in New York - pics


    Sienna Miller lived up to her status as a style icon as she signed autographs for fans on the streets of New York on 14th October.

    The actress was on her way to film Late Night With David Letterman, and looked glamorous in a black harem jumpsuit and sequinned shrug.​
  7. Sparkling*Diva Great idea!! Love Sienna too!!!:tup:
  8. Love the bag!
    Sienna-sienna-miller-8489549-839-12.jpg Sienna-sienna-miller-8489562-890-12.jpg
  9. thanks for the thread....i really like her style.
  10. Sienna-sienna-miller-246354_990_1253.jpg
  11. wow i thought she would have had a thread her style!!!

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Thats a really natural picture, very beautiful.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]