Official Paris Hilton Thread

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  1. ok, i was a paris hater when she first had sooo many attention in the media and all.
    i thought she was a stupid girl and had poor taste of dressing.

    but then, after some times, i kinda admired her, or more to accepting her for who she is, which is a more suited words than admired.
    i think that behind her act of stupidness, she might be a clever girl.
    first, she's always nice to photographers (which is a matter of she's a narcistic who liked her self too much or that she's a really nice person at heart)
    second, she has business of her own, that means she's clever enough to use her popularness as advantage, and now she's not just somebody who's famous for being nothing.

    so, please let out all your comments...
  2. I like her. I think she's pretty and she's fun to watch because she's so uninhibited. She does what everybody wants to do, but doesn't have the guts to do!
  3. I thought she was always sweet to the families in the Simple Life..
    & I liked how she's an animal lover - like in one episode I remember her & Nicole tried to stop that guy from hunting deer. And I think she doesn't wear real fur
  4. I have to agree, I believe she is very rela and says what others want to. :yes: I also like she has nothing to prove.
  5. I think anyone whith her kind of money can easily just do whatever they want, I don't think it takes guts for her to do any of the things she's done. People like her have no consequences in life, they just do what they want all the time.

    I don't hate her though.
  6. She is a never-failing source of entertainment and general hilarity.

    The downside is, she has buckets of money and never sends me a cent.
  7. I don't really think there is anything admirable about her...however I will say that she always seems really polite, and nice to photographers?!
  8. I like that she's a big animal lover but other than that, I could take her or leave her. Now her sister Nicky is another story. I think Nicky's beautiful, more grounded and very stylish. Plus she seems to have a better handbag collection!:P
  9. I like her!
  10. I've always been a huge fan of Paris. It goes without say that she's gorgeous, looks great in clothes, and the most impressive part-- she KNOWS what looks good on her. I also have always loved her tongue in cheek nature. She's obviously a very smart girl and an even smarter business woman. She also has a lot of genuine class in my opinion. She has tons going for her! :yes:
  12. Pros: none
    Cons:that she is still in the news.
  13. i cant say i admire her much, but i think she has handled her negative press well. or i guess her publicist has.
  14. Pro: She's slightly less obnoxious than an ingrown hair.
    She hasn't procreated yet.
    She keeps her publicist in business with her numerous vagina flashes
    Con: She has the intelligence of an unripe fig
    She drives drunk
    Tweens and young girls actually think she's a role model
    She made Brandon Davis & Kimberly Stewart famous
  15. I don't really like her except for her money..... :P

    That said, like luvpurses24, I very much prefer Nicky over her anytime.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.