Official Paris Hilton Thread #2

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    thank you!!!
  3. But don't we ALL do that?! Go through something that we personally consider to be traumatic and feel like we have had some great epiphany that will change us but that soon after we start taking things for granted again and slip back into old habits? I know i have, i truly don't see why people dislike the girl so much, she is so harmless. So what if she parties up a storm? Who is she hurting, i mean- really?!
  4. getting drunk at a club...ok whatever..but not wearing underwear? Come on now
  5. lol she look like a drunk duck
  6. my problem w/ Paris is that....she needs to grow up. Her behavior isn't cute. But whatever Paris, it's your life.
  7. Ditto. Its a damn shame she's pushing 30 and still acting like that.
  8. I was just thinking that, too! Totally agree!
  9. But isn't it HER choice if she grows up or not? LOL!
  10. couldn't agree with you more..

    it is her choice, but no matter how you slice it: the ish ain't cute. 30-some-odd years old still running around like she did when she was on the Simple Life...
  11. Oh absolutely. But if she wants to be taken seriously in life, have any sort of career (think about it, the money could all be gone tomorrow) or settle down, she'll have to grow up.
  12. May I be so crude as to suggest he probably got what (plural) he wanted out of her and has moved on to the next sucker (pun intended).

  13. just spit up my coffee! Paris is a hit it and quit it type girlfriend... Where Nicky seems to be able to find more serious relationships (excluding the quickie marriage - LOL).
  14. Oh yes, but i think that is the point- she doesn't WANT nor NEED to be taken seriously, hence the put on baby voice, platinum blonde hair, frilly barbie-esque clothes, etc... she knows her market and plays on it, that is how she has become a multi-millionaire in her own right. Why does she "need" to change if she is doing so well already and enjoying herself whilst doing it? I mean she isn't exactly a rocket scientist is she (or even attempting to be) ??? ;)
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    You know, I don't personally like Kardashian, but I've always loved Paris. The two are somehow different in my mind, ...why is that?

    Paris is just so charming. (Don't look at me like that, I'm being serious.)

    I will say, she's irritating my finances waving that Vernis Alma all over France's waters, I'm totes tempted... Hmmmmmmmph. :girlsigh:

    ETA: If anybody wants to do me a favour, I'm dying to see that bit of video in 'Paris, Not France' where she pulls the stacks of $10,000 in hundreds out of her purse to pay her bill, can we say BALLER STATUS? She owns the team! (No innuedos! Lol.) And that's just walking around money...