Official Opinion of Diabro, Safe Shopping - Authentics?

  1. Hi everyone

    I just have a quick question - have you guys ever bought a bag from an online company called Diabro? They sell all the major brands. I was asked for an interview with them for a job but I have never heard of them..... they claim to be a big seller overseas (i.e. out of Tokyo).


  2. I'd like to buy from, but the most of the people on this forum are not sure if they sell authentic items, even if someone has purchased from them and items looks good and authentic.
    At first sight on the website, some people say that some items looks authentic and other are fake, and someone had some problems with credit card!!All say:"Stay away from diabro!!"!But no one has received a fake bag from them:I'm right?
    I 'd like to show the thruth one time and forever on this website!!Please..Not just opinion but real experiences!!Who has purchased from them?

    ARE THE BAGS AUTHENTIC??????:confused1:
  3. I'm not sure but their stuff looks authentic to me :yes:
  4. I am keen to know ASAP too. As I would like to buy two bags. Thanks
  5. I have not heard of anyone getting a fake from them. The credit problem really was a cultural misunderstanding since this is a Japanese website. The international nature of the transactions make them a little confusing but everyone's purchases have been just fine.
  6. I ordered two bags from them and they are both authentic. The shipping was super-fast from Japan - 2 days! If you pay via paypal, the credit card thing is a non-issue. I posted both of my bags in the authentication threads, and the experts agree.


  7. Two day to deliver items?Great!!!
    Can I ask you where do You live?
  8. I live in Orange County, CA. :yes:

    Unfortunately, I had to go to the post office to pick it up because my mailman wouldn't leave them without a siggy (which was probably better anyhow) - and I couldn't get there for TWO WHOLE DAYS!! A long time to wait when you are getting your first Paddy and Bbag....:wtf:

    BTW, they are in my avatar and siggy now. And they're both in the respective authentication threads as well.

  9. I was just in the Fendi forum, and saw that someone bought a fake bag from! I was looking into buying from them for my next bag...has anyone else had a bad experience there? I've bought from Net-a-porter and and gotten authentic bags, plus I used to work for, so I know they are real. Diabro's prices are so great, though! Is this one of those "you get what you pay for" situations?
  10. I have no experience whatsoever of buying form Diabro but I read the post you are referring to in the Fendi forum....scary stuff :wtf:
  11. I have bought three Chloe bags from and all of them were totally authentic and perfect! :heart: I have also bought some accessories from them by Alexander McQueen, and Chloe wallets, make up cases, etc...I have never had a problem with authenticity, and I have SO many Chloes, (from NAP, NM, etc.) that I am pretty astute as to the details that indicate authenticity. That said, if the "Fendi" incident is true however, I would not buy from them again... Does anyone know what actually occured??? I would be curious as to the details of this.
  12. Yes, she has a ton of pictures and details posted as to what happened.
  13. I read that thread. That is pretty scary. I guess your taking a chance with any online purchase. Thats why its best to know return policys and use your credit card instead of debit cards in case you need to do chargebacks.
  14. I bought a Balenciaga and it looks authentic to me!