Official Obvious Affection Thread!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    I just received the Obvious Affection in Berry Blue w/Black trim. It is a lovely bag. The strap can we worn short or longer. There is a rivet that you can undo to make the strap longer and wear the bag cross body or just longer on the side of your body. I like that the rings on this bag are smaller so you can actually hang a charm off any of the rings of this bag. It is a medium sized bag but it has a zipper around the bottom that comes undone which adds an extra two inches of depth to the bag. This is a very unusual design for Tano and they haven't done anything like this in a while. I will most likely keep this one and get the Women Unite in another color.
    IMG_2088.jpg IMG_2089.jpg IMG_2090.jpg IMG_2091.jpg IMG_2092.jpg
  2. Here are some modeling pictures!:smile:
    IMG_2102.jpg IMG_2096.jpg IMG_2097.jpg IMG_2100.jpg IMG_2103.jpg
  3. I like it Liz!!! It looks really good crossbody too!
  4. Very pretty! It looks great on you.
  5. Here's a picture of the inside so you can see what it will hold.
    The Strap detailing is very nice on this bag as well.
    IMG_2104.jpg IMG_2105.jpg IMG_2106.jpg
  6. Here is a sideview picture and a picture of the larger of the two pockets.
    IMG_2107.jpg IMG_2108.jpg
  7. Liz! She's gorgeous! Congrats! I love the trim around the front pocket. :yes: And your Coach globe charm looks terrific on your beautiful blue OA!

    Awesome bag!:tup:
  8. Liz, that is lovely. I love that it is expandable and the strap detailing is beautiful!
  9. OOOOOOOOOOOo very striking blue/black combo! She's absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing on you! I had no idea this had an expandable bottom... way cool! Great pictures Liz, glad you're liking this one!!!
  10. Congrats! This bag is very cool with the expanding width and it looks amazing in the berry blue! It also looks lovely on you!
  11. What a cool looking bag! It's larger than I thought it would be. I really like it!