~*~ Official Non-Facebookers Chat & Support Thread ~*~

  1. I do like that idea, I think I feel like I'd rather put it in a nice frame and just have one at a table, I'm sure it's not something that would be left unmentioned to anyone who isn't in sight of it maybe?
  2. Are you going to have any kind of wedding program printed up outlining the day's events? If so, consider adding a notice there also.

    And contact that offending family member that posted the pictures. Make an issue out of it. Word of mouth will travel and make others aware that you're serious. If somebody gets pissed off, too bad.

  3. That tells me they don't take you seriously and don't respect your wishes. You will have to be assertive in getting your message across. If the offending family member won't take the pictures down, consider un-inviting them to the wedding.
  4. Oh I like the program idea as well! I actually saw a template online with a blurb about please not sharing photos on social networking sites, so I felt like that's cool, someone else is giving it a shot! But... I did the programs already too >_<

    Thats why I like your idea of placecards so much, I think I might do just one in a frame, give it a shot and hope word of mouth takes care of the rest.

    I think the offending relative doesn't know how I feel (although I am vocal at times about it), but I can tell you, my mom and sister certainly did NOTHING to help me.. I mean, it was totally by chance that I saw those pics, otherwise I never would have known! I'm going to give her a call later.

    Anyway, thanks for your suggestions I appreciate it :smile: I will give it a whirl!
  5. Thank you for this thread! I deleted my account almost two months ago. I wondered if I were the only one that now HATES FaKebook? I had an account for two years and was addicted. Believe me when I say "no I don't have FaKebook" I am proud.
  6. I'm so glad that this thread is here! I've been adamantly against Facebook for awhile now; and do not have an account. I just don't deem it as being necessary, and I feel as though it is somewhat invasive. When I was younger, I was almost addicted to social networking sites; at least it felt as such. It wasn't healthy. When I became older and more experienced with life, I realized that some amount of private space helps create a more healthy balance. Hence, no Facebook. Horrah to us!!!
  7. Finally!!! A group of people who don't like facebook!!! I hate all this social network madness! I mean, c'mon people, get a life OUTSIDE of the internet!
  8. Finally!!! A group of people who don't like facebook!!! I hate all this facebook & twitter madness!!! I mean, c'mon people, get a life OUTSIDE of the internet!
  9. Looool - I sometimes feel that I'm spending way too much time on tpf... ;)
    But hell will freeze over before you will find me on facebook and twitter.....

  10. Haha! TPF is different though. It's a forum about a specific issue (fashion) where people interested in it register and exchange their opinions on fashion/style related issues.

    It's not like Facebook or Twitter where people post every single detail about their private and social life for the world to see. We don't expose all of our life on tpf.
  11. Some. Not all.

    And some expose more here.
  12. Hah!

    I thought I was the only one in the world without a Facebook account!!!!

    Ooontz! Ooontz! :dothewave::dothewave: