Official Louis Vuitton Holiday Exchange

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  1. YIKES....that time of year is fast approaching! I've been receiving PMs/emails from people who have already started sending out their it is time to get this thread up already!!!

    For those of you who have never participated in an exchange, this thread is a place for all the participants to just generally chat...and is also the place to post photos of the gifts that you receive!!!

    Have fun and Happy Holidays!!!!

    I should add that I have been busy asking questions of my buddy on Elfster, but am a bit stuck! Hopefully something exciting will come to me :smile:

    As usual....if you have any questions...PM/email me anytime!

    **Mods...can you please sticky this**
  2. Stickied! ;)
  3. Thanks john!!!!
  4. Happy Holidays everybody! (i know its early but oh well!)

    I already shopped for my buddy today! I am sooo excited for my buddy to see their presents!! I am going to pack it up and send it out soon!! hehehe!!!
  6. To my Buddy, your gift is on the way. I hope you like it.
  7. Got my goodies too! Sending out soon!
  8. I can't wait to see ya'lls gifts. Make sure you post tons of pics!
  9. I figure out what to get my buddy!!! Just need to order it today (hoping there will be some Cyber Monday deals)!
  10. I'm going shopping for my buddy this week!
    And should hopefully have it sent out by next week :yes:
  11. YAY!! I went shopping for my buddy last week too, hopefully the stuff will come this week and I can send it on to her!!
  12. How do I join this?
  13. It's allready started. Maybe you could wait to join the next RAOK?
  14. When do they usually start? There are so many threads I tend to miss half the things at least lol.
  15. I ordered mine last week and should be on its way to my buddy!!!! It's exactly what they wished for!!!! Yahooooo.... Christmas time is here!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: