Official Louis Vuitton Fall RAOK Reveal Thread

  1. Alrighty.....I just got the first PM that someone has already mailed out a gift! So I figured we'd get this thread started!!!

    This is only for Fall reveals :smile:

    Mods: Please sticky!
  2. I am new here. Can you tell me what RAOK is. Thanks
  3. There is stickied thread below that describes the rules, etc. Sign ups have ended for this one though!
  4. Have a great Fall RAOK everybody :nuts:
  5. someone has sent something already!

    wow they must have been sitting by the post office just waiting for their buddies name!

    way to fast for me LOL
  6. Ive been asked if Im Naughty LOL, haha and Im VERY Naughty :p
  7. I'm so excited! I'm bursting with present ideas :smile: By the way do we let our buddy know who we are when we send the gifts or keep it a secret till towards the end?
  8. I wish I could join!!!! I'm going to be very busy during the end of October so no RAOK for me.. HAVE FUN EVERYONE!
  9. Holy cow! Folks are too quick for me. Have a good RAOK everyone! So excited to get started.
  10. Unfortunately I cannot take part in this RAOK :crybaby:but it will be great to see the presents!! Have fun!!!
  11. I've created a wishlist on Elfster for my buddy to make things a bit easier! :smile:
  12. i went shopping for a few gifts for my buddy today!
  13. I got some things for my buddy too! I was so excited to get the name of my buddy this morning I couldn't wait to starting buying lol :smile:
  14. Wow! Someone sent out something already. I am still at the planning stage. This is so exciting!:yahoo:
  15. Have a great one everybody!! I'm not in this time, but I'm still one of twigger's angels (right, Naomi?)!!