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  1. Or possible :p
  2. And if she was working 85 hours in 4 days, other members of the cast & crew would be too - she certainly wouldn't be on the set working all by herself! I don't see anyone else complaining about exhaustion!

    Why can't she just tell the truth? Doesn't she see how ridiculous she sounds? This is why no one ever believes a word she says, because she can never tell the truth!
  3. I'm glad you pointed this out. :smile:
    There certainly are production crew members that are first to be on set, and the last to leave. And the director on the set hasn't complained about being on set for 21
  4. Very good point!!
  5. Read more:

  6. She's been 'insensible' since long before this farce of a flick.

    Does anybody else wonder if the tiara will come up missing?
  7. Well I guess she wasnt that tired. Also she worked from 7pm to 8 am is that a joke? First of all there is lots of waiting around as scenes are set ect. I doubt she worked 13 hours straight without any breaks. Second of all big whoop. The other day I worked 10 hours straight with zero breaks and when I was done I had to go to grocery store, stop at the vets, clean my house and cook dinner. Girl needs to start taking some flinstone vitamins ASAP.
  8. There are many people in this world that work actual physical labor jobs for 12 hour shifts (my DH being one of them), so she needs to get over herself. I doubt she was even on set for 12 hours straight - she was probably off napping somewhere or smoking cigarettes during the down time.
  9. :yes:

    LOL at 85 hrs :rolleyes: Oh, Lindsay.
  10. Maybe if she stopped partying so much she wouldn't be so "exhausted..."
  11. Unions Investigating 'Liz & Dick' After Lindsay Lohan, Crew Allegedly Overworked (Exclusive)


    Note, that the reporting by The Hollywood Reporter has been blasted quite a bit about accuracy. With that being said, Lindsay claimed to be working extremely long days. Now the unions are getting involved. Production company claims they're in compliance. Someone is basically being called a liar.
  12. Pics of Lindsay on set:
    LL3.jpg LL2.jpg ll.jpg ll4.jpg LL5.jpg
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