Official Lindsay Lohan Thread 2

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  1. Pic of Lindsay leaving hospital. Happy to hear she is ok after her tiny car smashed into a semi she is lucky she didnt have any major injuries.
  2. Pics of Lindsay leaving Chateau Marmont last night.
    LL2.jpg ll4.jpg LL3.jpg
  3. She was out partying last night? So she was driving hungover?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  4. This!
  5. Source: JustJared
    a11.jpg a12.jpg
  6. Lmao! I'm happy she's ok
    lindsay-lohan-airbag-01-480w.jpg lindsay-lohan-crash-03-wm-480w.jpg lindsay-lohan-crash-06-wm-480w.jpg img955360-480w.jpg
  9. Yikes at those pics she is lucky she was able to walk away after that.

    I guess what the truck driver is saying makes sense. If it happened like Lindsay said and he merged into her when she was in the far right lane and he was on the left side of her why would her driver side have the least impact damage? I am sure the cops will get to bottom of it soon if they havent already.
  10. I hope she had great insurance. Semi trucks can be expensive to fix and combined with the totalling of that car, she had better have a lot of coverage.

    Can I say I love those sandals she's wearing? But leave it to her to wear $750 Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with such a dirty looking outfit.
  11. she had better luck than james dean...
  12. I believe what the truck driver has to say. His story makes way more sense and other witnesses backed it up. Lindsay is so full of sh*t.
  13. She never learns..
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    Her agent should have negotiated a driver to and from. I guess you do not get that for tv movies.

    ETA: Well it looks like she does have a car service. But she decided not to use it that day. Wowza.
  15. Wow I bet the producers of Liz and Dick are feeling really really stupid right about now.
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