Official Lindsay Lohan Thread 2

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  1. nothing left to the imagination there! it is a cute bathing suit though.
  2. TMZ was making fun of her last night saying that Lilo was tanning while her lawyer was rushing to court. This girl has no shame. She knows she is getting away with it.
  3. Oh good she is reading a script. I'm sure the offers are pouring in.
  4. in the bikini pics, it looks like she was rolling around in ash. Her skin is sooo uneven
  5. no argument in this corner

  6. It's probably an old script. Lolz.
    As for the Linda Lovelace movie, it's only in development. I remember reading that the porn company that Linda used to work for actually owns the rights to her name and movies. The company has not authorized the use of Linda's name or likeness. I think the movie only has Lindsay and a director attached to it. I don't think it has anyone else attached to it. She was supposed to go to Cannes to raise money for the film. So I doubt it will ever get made.
    Girl is a mess, but she keeps getting away with her behavior, so why should she stop. In her mind, she still has a career.:rolleyes:
  7. Oh good Lord...NO!

    If he was short with Khloe over the DUI, imagine how he'd tear into Lindsay? He's one that promotes clean living (no drugs or alcohol) which I respect him for. But if he does this he only has an adgenda to ruin her and berate her.
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    My impresssion was that he is trying to give her some work and some positive exposure but Dina is trying to be nice and say Lindsay has too many other commitments. To appear on Celebrity Apprentice is probably like admitting that she has fallen into the B-/C+ Celebrity list. She's still insisting that Lindsay has work on Machete left to do. (Did anyone know that it is a Spinoff of Spy Kids, a movie about the two kids' uncle Machete? I'm predicting a blockbuster)

    or Dina is scared Lindsay will get eaten alive and break down on Reality TV which is like D list activity.
  9. My question is is she even serious enough with her work ethic to do the show? She couldn't wake up when she wanted to, show when she wanted to, do what she wants to.
  10. Wait, that'd be kinda funny-watching Donald break into Lindsay's disheveled room and haul her out of bed.


    If IMDB is of any source, she has a big fat 0 in preproduction other than RUMOURED or UNFUNDED roles!
  12. And the award for the most delusional human being on this planet goes to...

  13. Lol even Robert Rodriguez said that they are finished with filming her part in Machete. I didn't know that it was a spin off of Spy Kids. which was taken from Four Rooms.
    Celeb Apprentice films in NYC, right? Lilo would be out partying every night. She'd never make it to the tasks.
    And call me crazy, but I don't think for one second that the Donald wants to help her. He knows the ratings on Celeb Apprentice blow, so he is doing what he can to try to drum up ratings.
  14. Didn't he want Britney or Paris before for CA? Methinks he's just sensationalizing.
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