Official House/Electro Music Fans Thread

  1. I love Afrojack!
  2. Me too!
  3. So I had to make it known...Daft Punk updated their website for the first time in, well, years! It's just the logo from "Musique, vol. 1", but it could mean new music/album, tour, ANYTHING. I hope something else comes of this today!
  4. I hope they come all around the country!
  5. I like this Tiesto song!

  6. I love Techno and House music. I lived in Berlin for a long time and electronic music is very popular there and the city has so many great clubs.

    Some of my faves

    Heartthrob - Slow Dance

  7. :tup: :party:
  8. Whew- there are others like me...!
    Tiesto, Daft Punk, Oakenfold, Chemical Brothers, Deadmau, Swedish House Mafia...... Ditto to all above!
  9. ^ :welcome: Welcome!
  10. I am loving this mix to LMFAO.

  11. I have been playing Avicii "Levels" nonstop for weeks now!

  12. Extrawelt - Titelheld

    They are soooo awesome live
  13. I LOVE levels!!! I listen to it all the time. I think it can be mixed with anything and sound great.
  14. Love this song!
  15. Love deadmau5 just saw him 2 months ago so much fun. Tommy lee & Dj aero are pretty good. I'm also in love with Skrillex.