OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread

  1. considering K28 Rouge Casaque in Epsom is on your wish list and craie is not, go for RC
  2. My wishlist is changing and do not always update it. Thanks for the suggestion
  3. 3 actually. I have written to you (Pinayfrench) twice personally explaining the issue. In case you don't these messages that should have gone directly to you I'll say it here.

    This is the official thread about SOs, and everyone interested comes here to help out, give feedback and info. There is no need to start another thread. I have redirected all posts to do with your choices here. Any further new thread(s) started on this same question will just be deleted.
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  4. well since you already have a Gris T, which is a great neutral, i would probably choose RC since you don't have a red. and RC is the perfect red! good luck!
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  5. Love, love, love ❤️ and will ‘borrow’ the watch from SO after seeing it on you!
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  6. RC is my dream red. Thank you.
  7. Please help! Does anyone know the post # for the thread selection? TIA!
  8. Page 283 has the list, though I couldn't find a good picture of the samples.
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  9. Thanks, love!

    If anyone has a pic of the sample, help a sister out !

    LOL! TY!
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  10. Here you go! IMG_2345.jpg
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  11. Does any one know if SO. Ostrich bags can be done in two colors ?
  12. I was told yes.
  13. Yes, it can. It depends on the style of the bag that you're ordering.
  14. Thank you
  15. Thank you