OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread

  1. Am a big fan of togo selliers and GA is so lovely, hope to see yours sooooooon :flowers:
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  2. Yes, we do!!

    Haha! We are definitely enablers at times for each other!!! thanks for the tip- I’ll take a look and see if any strike me.

    Yay!!! Thank you, GNIPPOHS!!! I’m super excited for this one!
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  3. 44EC6F0A-3F05-4B2D-B6E6-CEA5FBCC893F.jpeg A032B0FE-B688-4FA2-801C-610BD470D11B.jpeg
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  4. Do you now have two different threads about this?
  5. My mistake. Where did I posted the other one?
  6. I need help in deciding for my SO next week. Would like to add a Kelly 28 in Epsom.
  7. Ghw or phw??? Personally I love RC but I’m a sucker for red. Craie scares me because I’m afraid of light colored bags!
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  8. I'm an RC 32 sellier kelly ghw owner, so I am a bit biased! ;):love:
  9. 28 is a small bag, pop of red is nice IMO
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  10. Love red.
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  11. i have both colors and love both equally. what does the rest of your H collection look like?
  12. It will be GHW
  13. I have 3 Birkins in size 30. Macassar, Gris Tourterelle and Anemone
  14. RC is my favorite H red, so that gets my vote!
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  15. Thanks.