OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread

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  1. Do you mind sharing which country? Are you in the US?
  2. I’m in the UK.
  3. This color combo is going to be divine!
  4. Thank you dear! Can’t wait to see it. :flowers::girlsigh:
  5. Hi all- sharing my details here although some of you might think I’m crazy!! I have mostly Birkins and got to try a K sellier while at a TPF meetup in SF a few months ago. I loved the look- and thought about how I could create a really fun everyday bag.

    So.... I ordered a K32 sellier Togo with Gris Asphalt exterior, Lime lining, and Canary thread. Brushed PHW.

    I know it’s a lot of thread on a sellier but I love contrast stitch and I really like yellow and gray together. Now the waiting game begins!!

    Thank you to @Txoceangirl and @MYH!!!
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  6. Do you know if this SO will be counted as your quota for this semester ?
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  7. Hi. I cannot find anymore the colors being offered for this round. Please help. Thanks
  8. Page 261
  9. Thanks a lot
  10. I am sure there is a perfect shawl out there which matches your future SO which you must buy now. Congrats! :graucho:
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  11. I know!!! I think there’s some lime in “Last Night.” Still waiting for my store to get those in! I already bought the Mythiques Phoenix shawl in the grey/malachite as I’m also anticipating a malachite bag STILL. Now how did you know I would be doing that???
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  12. Don't you have a Samurai 90 in gray and yellow?
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  13. Yes and a baobab scarf as well as a Minuit au Faubourg (Super H) scarf. Thank goodness you are my H conscience. I totally forgot about that Samurai- it should be pretty spot on!!!

    Oh- and the Samurai shawl too in absinthe and yellow!!!
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  14. Us H fans understand each other. :graucho:;)
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  15. Lol. Enabler!!!

    The Canadian website used to have five cws of Last Night up and I think there is a cw with neutrals/greens that would go perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t find a pic now.