OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5446 for New Season Chart

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  1. Yes, that's correct. It's either verso (single color exterior with contrast lining) or multico (bicolor exterior). :smile:
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  2. Perfect! I feel like this should be bolded or stickied or something!
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  3. Will I be required to put down a deposit this year?
    If I want cherve leather, can I get it in a Birkin 30?
    Thank you
  4. No deposit ever required in my experience and no Chevre option for Birkin 30 now. Sorry.
  5. Is the Kelly 28 still an option?
  6. Yes I think so.
  7. 28 Sellier still available in chèvre.
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  8. I am thinking of doing a 28k sellier in chevre Gris perl, verso style with a blue interior and BGHW
    Anyone have thoughts on types of contrast stitching? I don’t want it to blend too much
  9. Hi, maybe gris mouette (or even darker gray) or a light/medium blue?
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  10. Thanks
    I wanted gris moette for the leather but not offered this season. Great idea for the stitching!
  11. How about a pale blue? Is Celeste available for stitching this round? That would be lovely with the brushed gold and gris Perle.
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  12. I
    i”ll check with I go in with my SA to place the order and let you know. Thanks!
  13. Is Rose Gold being offered with chèvre?
  14. For Constance and Birkin only, yes. Not for Kelly or any other styles.
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  15. Hi. i don't know but I just completed by SO for a B30 yesterday in chevre. Hopefully, it is approved! I am so excited! Anenome outside. Lime inside. Cyclamen stitching. Brushed gold hardware. Something like this but my stitching and hardware will be different. I will let you all know if my order is declined.

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