OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5446 for New Season Chart

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures.. both looks nice and have there own personality..

    Thanks dear!! Hope it won’t take that long can’t wait to see it in real...
  2. Ya, I know the feeling. I'm waiting on a baby B myself and try not too focus on the time but it's hard xo
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  3. This is my second SO, but still didn’t receive my first.. I placed it April 2019 it’s a K25 malachite with blue paon In Epsom with brushed gold hardware..
    I hope to receive it soon..

    What was your SO?!
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  4. #6094 Feb 7, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2020
    Oh that one sounds great too! I believe that one is due to come in to your loving arms very soon (((fingers crossed))))

    My So was placed last Fall and is a Noir B25 chevre exterior, Rose poupre interior with rose gold hardware. I kept this SO very classic and small as I have ALWAYS wanted this bag but was completely distracted by color in the past. Now that I have shifted to wearing more neutrals and I also received a B30 in noir togo that I absolutely can't figure out how I lived without in past... I knew the time had come to have noir chevre baby B. Very much an "evening bag" for me and my casual style. When I heard I could do RGHW on birkin... it was a no brainer. My absolute fav. =)
  5. Yours will look sure beautiful.. rose poupre with noir is a KILLER!!!
    Hope you receive it soon :heart:
  6. Thoughts on this verso color combo:

    malachite exterior, blue sapphire lining, natural contrast stitch
    malachite exterior, blue sapphire lining, blue sapphire contrast stitch

    Perfection! This bag is so you!!!!
  7. Hardware?
  8. My SA just called that my Kelly 28 sellier in togo just arrived!!!! Yeah!!! 8 months!!! Now the worst part is that I am super busy with a new product launch and won’t be able to get to it for a few months or maybe June. My store is 4 hours away.
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  9. I think Natural stitch on malachite will look very sporty, just as Gold with its Natural stitch does...if you don't want that look I would choose BS, just know that BS will largely blend in. You could try a more turquoise stitch if you want a contrast. HTH :smile:
  10. Does anyone know if the clouchette can be the interior color in a SO. Example black with bouganvillier lining and bouganvillier clouchette
  11. No not possible. It's all according to a fixed "formula" now, unlike the wider options in the past.
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  12. I will be making a special order the beginning of March and don't want to go too crazy is it possible to have the handle in a different color thank you so much for your reply I'm thinking of black cherve Kelly 28
    With a colorful lining and was hoping I could match the clouchette to the lining.
    Would love any tips you can give me
    Thank you
  13. If you read through this thread you will get all the info you need. Or you can read my article.
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  14. Chevre is only available for Sellier Kellys. This is the only option available for bicolor exterior. The shoulder strap and clochette will be in the secondary color, in the example below, in Etoupe. The lining is the primary color, Craie. HTH.
  15. Thanks for posting this example, @Meta! Since the old info is outdated now and pretty confusing, correct me if I’m wrong but there are just two choices for Kelly; simple verso and the Multico as pictured in your example. Correct?
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