OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5446 for New Season Chart

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  1. Omg! What a delight! So so so gorgeous! Congrats and thanks for sharing with us.
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  2. live seen versions come and go over the years. You never know with H!
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  3. That's gorgeous. Congratulations!! I like your twill choice as well :heart:
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  4. You can SO other bags. So not just B, K, C.
  5. Thank you! Maybe I will be able to order a special Jypsiere....
  6. At the moment, Jypsiere isn't available for SO. :nogood: It was available previously.
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  7. CONGRATULATIONS! This bag is so fun and absolutely gorgeous! You are going to ROCK it!!! WOWOWOWOWOO!!!!!!
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  8. Wowwww what a great color combination!! So fun. You should get a scarf from the current season denim/pink color family to go with, it would match perfectly!
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  9. Just placed my SO, Gris asphalt and Beton exterior Togo sellier 25. 105 cm strap. RG NOT AN OPTION ON KELLY.
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  10. As others have already confirmed, when I officially placed my SO kelly today, RGHW was NOT available for kellys
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  11. Thanks for the confirmation ladies!
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  12. Thank you! The first SO I ever placed (2012) never arrived; my other two have taken a year or less. I would order a chevre K25 but I don’t want to wait forever for it!

    Thank you sooooo much!!!

    Thank you! I love keeping it fun.

    Aw, Thank you so much!!!

    Thank you! I actually had the Twilly beforehand and was lucky that it worked. Whew!

    Thank you so much, sweetie! :hugs:

    Lol At this point I think DH expects me to place visually exciting orders...I enjoy surprising him! I know it’s a winner when he expects me to carry it immediately.

    Thank you so much!
    lol, I already have a few from that family, this was a great (um, expensive) season for me with scarves, but I think the “CA” family is actually a little better because they have green in it (I have a few of those, too :graucho:).
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  13. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find the lost of bags available to SO at this moment.
  14. Placed my third special order tonight. As much as it sucks to lose options, it definitely streamlined the process and made the choices much easier as there were fewer of them with fewer complications. Hopefully it also means it will be produced more quickly!
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  15. Gorgeous bag!
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