OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5446 for New Season Chart

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  1. Did you happen to notice if RGHW was available for any kellys?
  2. @hopiko mentioned that rghw wasn't available for the Kelly 25 that she ordered. I had also mentioned that rghw isn't available contrary to what few members have shared. I'm curious to know if anyone was able to successfully placed an order for a Kelly with rghw (reference code CD). :thinking:

    I also want to confirm that there are three options for stitching for verso (Birkin, Kelly, etc): tonal, inverse/contrast, 3rd color stitching just like it is for multico. ;)
  3. Sorry if you guys already know this, but... There are only 3 versions of Birkin SO now! 1 color, verso and multi color (bi-color panels). My fave version is gone! The one with only piping, sangles and handles! I am so sad! Is anyone else sad with me?
  4. Very sad!!! I should have done that for me spring SO instead of my K25...
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  5. I don’t like losing SO options!
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  6. I know, it caught me and my SA off guard! And it happened after I picked my leather, hardware & stitch. I had to do a slight change when I found out the version I want is no longer available. I’m sure it will still be pretty but i just have to grieve it for a bit.
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  7. i placed an order at FSH in mid-Sept and SA told me that RGHW was not available for sellier K25. i chose permabrass
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  8. I’m sad too. My appointment to place my third SO is next weekend and I’ve been second guessing my design for the last few days now that my original choice is not possible. :sad: Seems like the choice is now semi-boring (verso) vs all out wild (multico) with no ‘boring with a touch of flair’ option in between. :lol:
  9. Same boat with you :yucky::nuts:
  10. For reference:

    B30 in chevre
    Blue Paon outside
    Rose Tyrien inside
    Rose Lipstick stitching
    Brushed GHW

    Arrived exactly one day short of a full year after ordering.




    This shows the difference between Rose Tyrien in chevre vs epsom (belt). In person RT chevre is very similar to Rose Shocking.

  11. Can every bag be special ordered? Or just K, B or C?
  12. Bright and beautiful. Glad you only waited a year.
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  13. Wow!!!! I am dying over this color - beyond stunning!
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  14. I’m very sad too even though I am still waiting on my first SO to come in and may never get the chance to do another. I had hoped to one day be offered another so I could do this version.
  15. What a stunner! Super fun combo.
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