OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5446 for New Season Chart

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  1. Babe, if you fell for the Chestnut shade go for it! I am afraid this round RGHW is still only available for Birkins and Constances only as far as I know. We have no idea why they won’t put them on Kellys.
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  2. The color is beautiful. I think you should stick with your original plan for a B25 in noir chèvre though, because you mentioned that you’ve gotten distracted for six years. Just playing devil’s advocate. What interior color would you do on the B25? What hardware?
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  3. I was told by my SA that RGHW is available for SO kellys this season. I wonder if she is mistaken? Or could it vary across boutiques (id imagine it shouldn’t)?? Has anyone else been told that they can order a kelly with RGHW?
  4. I would be very interested know this as well. I was informed that it was not available for my Kelly SO this round. :confused1: Also wondering why there are no RGHW PO Kellys to be seen if it is available for SO. The usual mysteries of Hermes.
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  5. When my SA initially took down my SO requests at the end of Sept I gave her the options of RGHW vs GHW if RGHW was not available (she said she did not know yet at that time); however I when I spoke with her today she said she confirmed that RGHW is available for SO kellys this season. I will ask her again when I see her on Sat.. I sometimes feel that TPF members know more than the SAs themselves lol
  6. I was told the RGHW is available for kelly SO this round too.
  7. This is excellent news, thank you! :heart:
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  8. Chevre in noisette is heavenly- its the lining for barenia bags if not mistaken and truly gorgeous. Both are great choices and hugely wearable ( maybe the reason you keep putting off the noir is you know it will be offered every to see that picture!
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  9. When I placed my SO a few weeks ago, the “kit” had cards for each version available for each bag. The cards had a picture on the front and the leather and hardware options on the back. It was different for each version. Then you picked from the interior and exterior lists (box had swatches of all organized by color) based on the leather available and then you picked thread. Contrary to what others were told, I was able to order a bicolor k with custom (coordinating!) thread choice. I know this is different from what others have experienced. It was better organized and easier to visualize than in the past.

    RGHW was available for quite a few bags but not the chevre K25 that I ordered.
  10. Yes this is exactly what I know and have experienced so far. RGHW options for Birkins and Constances but not Kellys. I sometimes place my SOs via email so don’t always have the chance to see the A La Carte SO box and cards at the right time.
  11. Hmmmm.... ok. Well since I was debating the K28 in Noisette chevre RGHW primarily because I thought I could order it with RGHW, I will just wait and see what my boutique offers for K and if I can't do RGHW, I will stick with noir chevre B25 rghw... Thanks for your detailed insight babe!
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  12. Yes, please confirm RGHW is available for K!!! What size did you order? xo
  13. I planned on Rose Poupre interior with RGHW on both orders...
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  14. I came SOOOO close to ordering a noisette B30. I am missing a gold B30 and I thought this would be a nice twist. I decided to cross my fingers for a noisette touch instead.
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  15. I was a little afraid it would be too brown IRL??? In the pics I have seen it is a beautiful reddish-gold/brown. Ugh. I'm so confused.