OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5446 for New Season Chart

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  1. Hi Lovely Tpfers-
    I am contemplating doing a SO in Kelly 28 sellier or retourne. You advice would be much appreciated.

    I want a Kelly 28 in black with brush gold hardware with blue electric interior and outside threading.

    I normally wear casual clothing. Mostly black and grays. I want something that I can wear with jeans and a little black dress to a dinner party.

    Should I get the sellier or retourne?

  2. Chèvre sellier!
  3. Sellier all the way :biggrin: That combination of black and BE, brushed GW sounds amazing!
    'Outside threading' means sellier as I understand it anyway.
    Good luck!
  4. I would get a Retourne or if a Sellier, do NOT do the contrast stitching. It will look to trendy and you will tire of it quickly. I love the idea of a contrast lining -wish my BBK had one in red. But unless contrast stitching is white in a sporty bag, you're making a big mistake.

    As far as carrying it while wearing a little black dress, I think a Birkin or a Kelly are too big and too daytime. You can certainly carry it in the evening, but I prefer such for "dressy casual" attire and a LBD is not that. You could, however, carry it wearing a LBD for a dressier daytime event.
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  5. is chèvre available for SO Kelly and if so is it recommended? I have a B25 in chèvre and just LOVE it...
    Excuse my ignorance please, learning the SO process from all of you :smile:
  6. What a lovely combination, visualizing your beauty already...

    Having both, I personally I love the Sellier option for dressy occasions and the Retourne for casual ones. Can the Sellier be ordered in leathers other than epsom?
  7. I think you mean SO "special order" Kelly not Hermes So Kelly which is another bag style, right? I was told that Hermes Chevre can be made only SO "special order" at this moment. If you mean Kelly So Kelly, I have only seen them in Togo leather and I'm not sure if they are made in other leathers as well. I hope it helps.:smile:
  8. Yes I meant a special order Kelly ~ is chèvre a recommended leather for a Kelly? in Sellier perhaps?
    As you can see I am doing my homework for the possibility of a SO soon :smile:
  9. Love the retourne K and have two in different sizes ~ have had feedback from friends about the sellier and some of them feel very strongly that is a much more of a formal K. You should be able to SO a retourne in chevre. Please correct me if I am wrong but last time I checked it was an option. :heart:
  10. I have both sellier and retourné K28s and in fact my last SO was originally exactly your specs except I had brossé PHW.
    Some points: Chèvre Mysore is indeed available (only) for special order in a Kelly and you can get sellier in ANY leather, although Paris may refuse Clemence or Swift depending on their mood :P Chèvre is a great leather although it starts out a little shiny IMO.

    In a sellier your contrast stitching will be visible along every seam of the bag, as opposed to a retourné, where it will only be visible on sangles, flap, and handle. Consider this, as it will change the versatility of your bag. It changes the whole look of a sellier unless the difference is very subtle. My Ks with contrast stitch are either sporty (gold w/ white) or the contrast is subtle (fauve with Rubis).

    That said, it's a great choice overall, although personally I don't like brushed gold with BE.
    I changed my order in the end - to a 32 because all my Ks are 28 and I needed more space, to a Rouge H interior because I want a BE exterior bag soon, and to Togo sellier, partially for studio reasons and partially because Togo is both hardier and softer. My SA convinced me that I should wait on contrast stitching for another SO and make this a classic black bag, so I did contrast only inside.

    OP, I don't know if this is a first Kelly or a 30th, so can't assess how it'll fit into your wardrobe, but if you want a bag that will go from jeans and a t-shirt to an LBD, forgo the contrast stitch but keep the other specs. I think a black 28 sellier is great for evening. If you ALREADY have a small black K then by all means do the stitching. Have fun with the process as it is an amazing one, and try to get your preferences well set in your mind before going in to go through your choices.
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    Lost?confused? What to do?
    How to do?
    Colors leathers combinations?
    Post your thinking doubts here
    Discussion thread for enquiries
  12. Wow, bagidiotic, how exciting!!!!!!!

    If it was me, I would do a Kelly 25, maybe 28, Retourne, with a darker color, a grey, blue, or maybe even black, but not sure about black for a so, with brushed hardware with the inside in a pop color, of a blue tone. That's just me, because I know I would use it a lot!

    Good luck choosing:biggrin:
  13. Thanks dear
    Think you have mistaken
    I started this thread for others members that need advices
    Posted wrongly on other threads
    As for me I did my so earlier this year already lol
    Thanks for your replied
  14. I was wondering, lol!

    Well, that would be my choice, sapphire or graphite or etain (don't know if graphite is available?) leather outside, turquoise inside, brushed ghw, Kelly 25.
  15. I think bagidiotic is THE expert to help with SOs! Can I ask what colours are available for lining? Anyone knows?