OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5041 for New Season Chart

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  1. If you get what you love, it will never be a waste! This said, I had an etain/BE Kelly with bphw. Great combo if you will use it. Definitely year round! GL deciding!
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  2. I will place my SO next week.

    I have decided on rose azalea swift 25cm BGHW, Coz it has been on my wish for ages. I might combine this pretty pink with craie piping.

    However, I haven’t decided if it would be K or B.

    K: I know I will use it a lot, even in travel.
    B: my dream since forever to have baby B in a pretty shade of pink. But I’m not sure I will use it a lot in travel, coz shoulder strap bags are much more convenient

    I’m really really having hard time deciding
  3. Get your dream!
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  4. What other hermes shoulder bag you got in your collection
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  5. Thank you
  6. K28 Togo red
    K28 epsom blue glacier
    B30 raisin
    B25 blue Sapphire
  7. I need both k25& b 25 in my collection
    Since my B25 is croc, I don’t use it on a daily basis
  8. I'd go for the B25 and wait for a K25 in a different color as a regular quota offer. I feel like Ks are back in the lead for production quantities whereas B seems to be fading again.
  9. You already got 2 k28 for travelling needs both in retourne and sellier
    K25 honestly kind of small for travelling
    Go for your dream
    Do a b25 first so
    I m sure more so will come in time to come as long you carry on show loyalty $$$ to this store
    Next year new goal k so
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  10. My most used bags are black and gold. It's completely ok and very clever to get what is most useful first - my first SO (which I was SURE was my only one!) was a simple black Kelly with Rouge H interior. - the most useful color, with my favorite color as lining. It is a perfect bag. I did rehome it but only because I was wrong on size for was 32 and I would kill to have that bag back in 28.

    On bag choice - I might reconsider the Kelly given your lifestyle. A retourné in gold is casual and not necessarily "ladylike" - I have a gold K28 and it is the best bag ever with jeans. Otherwise a B30 which can go to a casual evening out.

    On color - If you want to be subtle and have a versatile bag - get gold with a contrast interior. In a B you will just see it, in a K it's only for you. You can use a neutral, a grey, black, dark blue - or a pop color if you want a little more "spice". I always say just pick the color you love the most as it will always make you smile.

    Your other alternative with gold or black is a contrast stitch. Take a look at the Gold So Flash Kelly limited editions...I think these are stunning, yet look neutral from a few feet away. I have a black K with blue contrast stitching and it just looks like a black Kelly until you are nearby. Win win IMO.

    Gold and black are colors you will ALWAYS reach for. There is no reason not to use your SO slot to make a perfect bag in these colors..just add enough extra to make you even happier when you use the bag. Just a horseshoe stamp, a lining or stitch, brushed HW - that's already a unique and precious bag. :heart:
  11. Poof! You just blew my mind! Thank you, revisiting the Kelly Gold 28 idea and all of your others. Hugs to you!
  12. However 'ordinary' or 'standard' the bag you would like might seem, if this is your opportunity to get that bag, then take it. It will be the bag you want and the bag you want to use - but you have plenty of suggestions of how to use the SO opportunity and make your bag unique and special to you as well.
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  13. You’re right , thank you so much for helping me decide
  14. Yes thank you , I will order my dream bag B25 pink

    And other pretty SOs are yet to come in the future

    Thank you so much for your opinion
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  15. Yes the quota is counted the semester you buy/receive it, and not the order date