OFFICIAL HERMÈS Special Order Thread. See #5041 for New Season Chart

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  1. Al
    You have an amazing collex too. I’m always in awe of all the gorgeousness I see on pf. I would love to see a thread on pf members closets with H! It blows my mind to see all the great knowledge and advice that is out there along with all the amazing collections that members have. So grateful. I’ll never be able to have a substantial collex but I can certainly say that it’s fun for me to look at other’s collex so I can be mindful and selective to curate as best of a collex for my personal use and this thread really helped me to figure out my first SO :hugs:thank you, thank you everyone!
  2. Swift will not be suitable for a Kelly sellier as it's very soft. Chevre for Kelly is up to 28cm so no 32cm.
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  3. Thank you. I actually never thought I would, either, it took A LOT of intensive DH training! Unfortunately we are all sick this week, yuck. Anyway, I am always happy to help. 20 years of H experience here and I keep threatening my SM that I’m coming to work for her as soon as DSs are out of the house!

    So....what are you deciding?
  4. Hope you all feel better in your house. Working at H even part time would be so dangerous.
    My SO went in last Sat. I chose K28 Sellier Epsom, BI, PB hw. Still dreaming of Togo Blue Nuit which was my 1st choice but it got nixed by SA and SM. The order is in as on Halloween. Now I’m in the official waiting mode.
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  5. What did you choose for your SO?
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    Hi there! I went with a Kelly Retourne 32/Togo in Etain with Gris Tourterelle interior and Graphite stitching. Brushed sliver hardware. I'm so excited!! This will be my only Kelly so I wanted to stay very neutral so I can wear with everything :smile:
  7. Very nice choice!
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  8. Yipeeee excitement begins
  9. Has anyone who shops in Palo Alto place an SO this round? I asked in the store thread and got no response. Hoping to get one here. TIA!
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    I have spent 4 days looking at the available colors and always come back to Black or gold, togo with brushed gold hardware. I am looking for a color that I can wear year 'round that can be worn daytime or smart casual evenings. I wear jeans 99% of the time. I have B35 bf with PHW and B35 Black with PHW, for me at a soon to be 60, 5' 7" female, they are too large to be carried at night. I gave serious consideration to getting my first and last Kelly28 Black with BGH but I feel like it is too feminine for me. Any suggestions or thoughts about using my "once in a lifetime" SO opportunity on another Black or gold? I adore gold birkins. I have looked on so many websites and there are very few SO's in gold togo, is that because it is a waste of a good opportunity and H Gold is best off when left alone? Does gold not pair well with another SO color? Have you seen any subtle and neutral So's using Black or gold? I like quiet, not screaming. Even contrasting handles seem like a unacceptable deviation to me. I like Gold with trench interior and brushed gold hardware. I like Black with trench but my DH says that I am wasting an opportunity and I should go out of my comfort zone and bring in a pop. He likes etain with BE and brushed gold hardware. Can that go year round? Any thoughts on staying neutral and any color suggestions? Much appreciate and value your thoughts. I'm sorry if I am a PITA.
  11. Hi there. Listen to yourself, not your husband. I always appreciate it when husbands have opinions, but I think you might know best what type of bag you will love and get the most use out of.

    If you want a smaller B in black or gold, with bghw, that’s a great start. You could get a pop interior or do an all black B30 (in and out) with a pop contrast stitch. You could also do gold with trench interior and bghw as you suggested. Bghw will be a subtle hint that it’s a SO - in line with what you want. B30 is a good size for day to evening.

    If you are not into contrast handles, that’s completely fine. A contrast interior (or a different but subtle non-pop interior, if you wish) is fine too.

    This SO is for you so you really get to choose whatever you want. Listen to your own wishes. Several people have posted extremely subtle SOs that look wonderful, so there are no rules that your SO has to be a certain way. Also since you’ve been thinking about it for four days, maybe give it a day off and then come back to it after a day. Enjoy! :smile:
  12. DH might well know you better than others might think - he knows what you are always liking or disliking - he understands how you react and what your secret desires might be.

    Apart from that I fall into the ‘go with thr basic colours you like and use, but give it a special lining and - if you are really bold - a special lining too
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  13. There's no wasting of opportunity
    More importantly you love and use it
    Nothing wrong doing classic gold
    I like to pair with chocolate
    The same family
    Kelly or birkin is equally good
    Age is just a number
    Young at heart
    Elegance with class is far more essential
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  14. Congrats!! If you already have black, go for gold! Get a B25 or 30 in gold. There are some great options for gold. Trench would look great and you could do contrast stitch too maybe! I think reds, pinks, and dark-ish blues would look great as a contrast interior on your gold B as well. A navy blue would be more neutral, but give you something fun.
    I would trust your gut and go for something you will love and use. Don’t just go for the shock factor because you can.
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  15. Get what you love! A special order is special to you, not others. I think a gold 30 Birkin with BGHW sounds amazing with a Trench interior, like a sugar center caramel! Just lovely!!
    I own the most boring SO, black chèvre kelly with etoupe interior. It fits my needs and I love it. Special to me, end of story.
    Btw, my DH of almost 30 years would have chosen a pop interior if he was gifting, and I know I wouldn’t have liked it.
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