Official Hermes Q&A thread

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Jun 11, 2006
The last one turned out to be started by a scam artist according to the mods so I'm starting a new one to get some questions answered:
1---So is the pricing different for every item? I know that the size, hardware, and leather play a factor but do they charge more or less for certain colors? Also which leathers tend to be lower in cost (I'm guessing croc is the most expensive) and which hardwares are cheaper/costlier?

2---Does Hermes ever have sales? I have read about sample sales in New York but they don't have anything like a Birkin out there, mostly ready to wear stuff.

3--What does it mean it a bag has no stamp? No S, shooting star, or cross? It was listed on Ebay today and a PFer confirmed it was real for sure and it was listed in the Ebay finds section.

Also LOOKINGGOOD35 asks:
I have an H question. Should Croc only be carried for seasons?
Or is it ok all year? :shrugs:
Not open for further replies.