Official Hermes owner with Trio, pls advs what to do?!

  1. Dear Friends:

    Need you EXPERT advs...

    I am FINALLY an official owner of Hermes!!! Got 1 Blue Jean in Paris Bombay PM, 1 Evelyne PM in Vermillion and 1 Colorado PM in Brisque.

    I am VERY MUCH IN-LOVE with the PB and Evelyne but felt that Colorado one is too small for a day bag??? Sould I return it and exchange for a Vespa GM or even a Bolide 31cm???

    Also, for Birkin, should I get the 30cm or 35cm??? I have NOT seen an acutal one in person, what suits me? I am 5'2" but on the heavy side....

    Pls. HELP ME.....

    Thank you and HONOR to be a proud owner of H bags,
  2. Well, congrats!!!!

    If you're not happy with the vespa, return it and get somthing else. Most H stores have a good selection of Bolides, so try one one to see if you like it. As for Birkin size, I guess it depends how much you carry around regularly.
  3. Dear Rose:

    Thank you for such fast advs. YES, although I don't have that many things in my bags, but I am a bit on the heavy side for 5'2" so tiny bags on my sort of extentuated my figue, so...

    - For Vespa vs. Bolide, which would you prefer?!
    - Should I get 1@ 30cm and 1 @35cm for variation (1 night use and 1 day use)?!

    Thank you MUCH,
  4. Morgan,

    Since you already own an evelyne, I would advise going for the Bolide in a 31 cm. The only reasons for a vespa is if you really like that style or bag (casual messenger) and want a slightly larger version or the difference is price is too much ( Vespa being much cheaper than a Bolide).

    Go for the 35 cm Birkin.
  5. Morgan ~ Congratulations ~ What A Fabulous Collection Already!!! I Love The Birkin In 35. Iff You Have The Chance For Both. Definitely Try It Out & See How It Feels (It Would Be Very Nice To Have Both!!!).

    Vespa Is Gorgeous....Love The Bolide, Too. That's Hard They Seem So Different To Me. You Have The Evelyne ~ IMO Go For The Bolide!!!!

    BTW ~ Evelyne In Vermillion Sounds Divine!!!!
  6. ^Quinn's Mom ~ I Was Typing When You Were Posting.....We Were Thinking The Same Things!!!
  7. I am the same height as you and I prefer the 31 cm Bolide and the 30 cm Birkin. The 31 cm Bolide is fairly roomy and comes with a strap. I know many girls our height who carry 35 cm Birkins. They do tend to get really heavy and do not come with a shoulderstrap, so you may want to take that into account when deciding which size to get.

    I am not a Vespa fan, but I think the choice of bags is very personal. I, for example, love the Massai PM but am not a fan of the Evelyn. The Evelyn just does not sit right on me.

    Can you get to a store to try the bags on?
  8. Dear Friends:

    GOSH, you ladies are so friendly and prompt!!! Thank you for the warm hearted welcome!!!

    I am going to take your advises and study more about the bolide and also take the chance to go to a H store and just browse, hope they have 30 and 35 birkin for my comparison?!

    For color, what do you think?! I am VERY OPEN to bright colors and LOVE LOVE LOVE any shades of RED!

    Thank you ALL again,
  9. Color.... can't help you there, I am a black bag girl. All H colors are so delicious. There is a rouge vif bolide up on jemz at the moment and the bolide thread has lots of great pics.

  10. Dear Ms. Rose:

    Gosh, you've read my mind!!! I was offer a red in 1923 Bolide today and I'll get to see the picture of it tomorrow as well as regular bolide in Orange?!

    Can you educate me as I've seem some bolide w/lock + key but the 1923 version does NOT?!

    Also, my PB did NOT come with a H-lock, is this right?!

    Thank you and sorry to ask so much questions... Newie, you know, a lot to learn....

  11. Morgan, I really don't know much about Bolides but the attached link should help you with the answers to some of your questions. To get you answers regarding the locks on bolides and PBs, I suggest you start a new thread with that in the title so that the members who know the answers to this will spot it and help you out.
  12. Morgan, if you want to see a pic of my orange bolide, refer to page 78 on the thread that Rose referred you to.

    Temptation! And good luck in making your choice.
  13. Morgan, the 1923 Bolide is like the original Hermes bag style from 1923. Thus, it's name, of course.

    The more recent style has little rings below the handles to attach the shoulder strap. It also has a lock on the side of the bag at the end of the zipper.

    I personally prefer the shoulder strap version for the hands free option. But, the Wave, or 1923 Bolide is a great looking bag. I much prefer it to the Birkin style.

    You might want to consider the larger Bolide....the 31 is an average bag and the 37 ( which is not large large ) is a super size too. It's not as DEEP from front to back as a Birkin which, to me, is a plus.
  14. Welcome!
    I vote for Bolide, Bolide, Bolide! It's beautiful and practical, too!
  15. Bolide vote here - fabulous bag! Love mine...