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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm new here even thought I've already posted a few threads in Chanel. I'm originally from LV. I'm bored of LV now.....
  2. Welcome to the Chanel subforum. I progressed from LV to Chanel. I still have lots of LV, but Marc Jacobs hasn't designed anything that I've been really excited about in some time.:sad:
  3. welcome...Had the same experience but now have sold off all my LV except one little speedy...
  4. Welcome to Chanel!!
  5. Welcome to the Chanel forum...LV has definitely not done anything for me lately. But Chanel, now that's a different story! Chanel has some beautiful bags out right now.
  6. welcome to chanel!!!
    once you are here you never go back...
  7. Welcome!!!
  8. Hello nice for you to join us!
  9. welcome!

    I also had quite a big collection of lv, including limited items, and sold them off in favor of chanel.....I even reluctantly got the LE gold speedy which im getting rid of in favor of chanel!!! I love chic!