~Official Hamilton Reveal & an MK Jewelry piece!~

  1. Hola ladies!

    So I scored this lovely MK Pave toggle bracelet with MK logo charm from Off Saks yesterday, it was $69.00 with an additional 40% off making it only around $43 and change I think. I have little wrists and it fit me perfectly so I knew I had to have it without question. I plan to wear it separately and with my new MK Garret watch. My Garret is rose and the bracelet is yellow but I love how it looks together.

    Next up my new croco embossed Hamilton that I scored at TJ Maxx last week on clearance for only $149! I squealed when I spotted it hiding in between racks lol. I am in love with it. Thanks for looking Ladies :smile:
    image-594685767.jpg image-1925451457.jpg image-269311651.jpg image-1819856717.jpg image-1132320852.jpg image-2636546086.jpg image-2435696224.jpg image-84080870.jpg image-2362302356.jpg
  2. wow, all so pretty!!! the bag just looks stunning on you :smile: thanks for sharing.
  3. I love the bracelet! And you're so lucky to find a CLRX MK at TJMaxx. I never find anything good in my store's CLRX section LOL.

  4. EXCELLENT scores! Thanks for sharing, wear them well.
  5. Wow, amazing deals. That bracelet is fabulous.
  6. Thank you so much ladies I appreciate the compliments! I'm in love with it all :smile:
  7. I LOVE that Hamilton - and what a deal!!!! Nice jewelry too!!

  8. As always, you seem to find the best bargins, Good for you!:woohoo:
    I recently purchased the same bracelet, from Lastcall.com (Neiman Marcus) just about the same price, I paid $42. You are correct that is runs small, I usually wear a 7 1/2 inch, and this fits ok, not as loose as I like, however, it's still a keeper. Enjoy that new bracelet and your new Hamilton!
  9. I have that same bracelet. I bought mine a few months ago at Nordstrom rack and it was $42. I wear it with everything but it is really loose on me.
  10. Gorgeous stuff! Love the Hamilton...girl, you STOLE that bag!! :tup:
  11. Lovely haul!! Loving the bracelet and the bag! It's looks so you! :smile:
  12. Congrats on both your bracelet and handbag. OMG I would have squealed if I saw that bag on clearance too that is such a great deal.

    I wish my tjmaxx carried nice bags like I see everyone else getting on TPF. The ones near me carry dink, all lamo bags I even have two runway locations(both kind of far from me) that has some of the most horrific high end bags you couldn't pay me to use.
  13. Great score on your new Hamilton! Love it.. Congrats! :smile: